Family Tree Maker 2010 Installation Problems

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Troubleshooting Family Tree Maker. If you are having problems with Family Tree Maker. Manually Uninstalling Family Tree Maker 2010-2014. Microsoft does not have an article with instructions for correcting problems. I still can't install Family Tree Maker. In Family Tree Maker 2010-2017 Finding.

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Family Tree Maker 2010 Installation Problems

Hey: I have discovered two new problems. When I run the update, Family Tree maker will not open at all.

Not even the initializing screen. So I had to uninstall again and reinstall and skipped the update to get it to work.

Number 2 which is the most frustrating. I have discovered that I have sources attributed to the wrong people and not a couple, but hundreds. Would this have happened during file conversion from 2008/2009 to 2010? Would it happened from merging files. I know that I did not physically attach these sources.

Is it possible that merging facts from that it is merging to the wrong person in the background? I have spent hours unlinking these sources and I am afraid of it happening again. I believe the error message was Family tree maker quit unexpetently, send report or don't send report Version # is I am running on XP. Works faster on xP than Vista.

Won't load in Windows 7 Well I first noticed it when I ran an register report and when I went over the report I noticed that some of the sources were for the wrong person. So I went to Sources>Manage Sources which lists them on the left hand side and then I can go thru each source and see each person the source is connected to and option to unlink which I am doing since yesterday.

Family Tree Maker 2010 Installation Problems

I think when I was merging 2 family tree files together is what caused the sources to attach to the wrong files. I just went thru my most current file and unlinked the wrong people off the sources. I was getting an error message at one point when trying to web merge and that is when I went to my backup.

The error message said that something about being moved but I didn't move anything. When I try to install on Windows 7 i get error message 1628:Failed to complete installation.

After installing the update in XP I get Family Tree Maker 2010 has encountered a problem and needs to close. The only way to get it to work, I have to remove and reinstall. Gwilanne, Too much going on here or not enough details. First, Which version of Windows are you using?

You mention both Windows7 and XP. Do you have Norton on that PC? Are you installing Family Tree Maker As Administrator? As to the Error Message, It would be helpful to have the Exact Error Message and When it occurred. Not sure what you are talking about, when you said 'what caused the sources to attach to the wrong files'. Not sure what that means. Source-Citations are attached to Individual FACTS within ONE file.

Exactly what Tony described but also for instance 1871 Census for John McFarlane would be attached to John McFarlane and Henry Gowman Birth and Robert Parker Death but Henry Gowman and Robert Parker are not on this Census source. Martin Luther Bibel Pdf. Gowman and Parker are completely different family. I am running on XP with no Norton (don't use Norton).

When I run the update on X yes I am running as administrator. The update runs and then I get: Family tree maker 2010 has encountered a problem and needs to close we are sorry for the inconvience. Then you have the option to send an error report to microsoft. The report is too long to cut and paste. The windows 7 I tried to run FTM 2010 but I get the 1628: Failed to install error. No other error details.

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