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Command Line Print Pdf

I want to print a pdf document in DUPLEX mode by command prompt.Already tried with /p and /t. Print from windows command line to network.  Sumatra PDF from  Print from command line.

I am able to print pdf files from my Visual Basic 2010 code using the command line arguments technique: Dim printChart As New Process() With printChart.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = True.StartInfo.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Minimized.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = True.StartInfo.FileName = pdfExecutable.StartInfo.Arguments = '/print:printer=' & printerToUse & Chr(34) & ' ' & Chr(34) & pdfFilename & Chr(34).Start().WaitForExit().Close() End With Trouble is, there is no way to manipulate the printer settings using this technique. I'm looking for a way to print the documents in duplex mode.

Can anyone suggest an approach.

You can find something about this in the. (It's a PDF document rather than a web page, which I guess is unsurprising in this particular case.) The FAQ notes that the use of the command line switches is unsupported. To open a file it's: AcroRd32.exe The following switches are available: • /n - Launch a new instance of Reader even if one is already open • /s - Don't show the splash screen • /o - Don't show the open file dialog • /h - Open as a minimized window • /p - Open and go straight to the print dialog • /t - Print the file the specified printer. Vicky Cristina Barcelona Blu Ray.

To open a PDF at page 100 the follow works /A 'page=100' ' If you require more than one argument separate them with & I use the following in a batch file to open the book I'm reading to the page I was up to. C: Program Files Adobe Reader 10.0 Reader AcroRd32.exe /A 'page=149&pagemode=none' 'D: books MCTS(70-562) ASP.Net 3.5 Development.pdf' The best list of command line args for Adobe Reader I have found is here.

It's for version 7 but all the arguments I tried worked. As for closing the file, I think you will need to use the SDK, or if you are opening the file from code you could close the file from code once you have finished with it.

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