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Zara Whites was born Esther Kooiman, in Rotterdam on 8 November 1968, although her family soon moved to Gravondeel, near Dordrecht where she grew up. Zara was apparently a good student at school and extremely popular with the other children. As a little girl she was always curious. When she was four years old Zara began experimenting with her Barbie dolls, and at age nine she discovered masturbation and experienced her first orgasm.


Staroffice 9 Xp there. Zara Whites (born Esther Kooiman, 8 November 1968) is a Dutch-French former pornographic film actress. Zara Whites dropped out of school at an early age and moved in. Directed by Bob Palunco. With Zara Whites, Babette, Roberto Malone, Thierry Bart.

'I started masturbating when I was nine years old while looking at a porn magazine I found. I found it really strange and I thought I was going to die. I ended up shouting to my mother for help. Her reaction was really good. She explained to me that I had just had my first orgasm. When I was fifteen years old I started becoming interested in boys, and when I was seventeen I had sex for the first time.

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It wasn't a good experience though. I was in my room with this boy. He didn't even bother to fully undress me, he just fucked me really violently while shouting abuse at me.' In an attempt to boost her confidence, young Zara became obsessed with sex and spent her teenage years going from one lover to another. She later recalled her love life during this period as extremely traumatic and hard. Zara eventually dropped out of school at 17 and began living with her boyfriend. By the time she was 18 she was supporting herself working as a barmaid, and then as a doctor's secretary.

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