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Yesterday was China’s Children’s Day, a holiday specifically for children. As we’ve mentioned before, there are some cultural differences in how Chinese children are raised, especially on or being However, another cultural difference is the games and toys that children (and adults!) play with in China. While iPads, Gameboys and Playstations are all the rage now, they usually aren’t allowed in many school yards. Command Line Print Pdf Duplex. These items are also not available to kids and teenagers in many rural districts. So, what games do the kids in China play in their spare time? We’ve compiled a list of traditional Chinese toys and games.

22 Traditional Foods in Singapore And The Surviving Stalls. There are two types of tau huay in Singapore. What I love about Singapore’s traditional food. Types of Games Assalammualaikum and. In Malay culture, there are 5 types of traditional games that are very popular in Malaysia. Xcode 8 Dmg. Singapore, Brunei.

While the term “shuttlecock” usually refers to the ball in badminton, it is also often used to refer to this feather-covered toy. The shuttlecock is essentially a weighted hacky-sack, and is passed from foot to foot by kicking. The object is to keep it from touching the ground. Besides being played in the schoolyard, it is also very popular among the senior citizens as a way to keep their limbs active. Shuttlecock has evolved into a formal sport of it’s own.

It is played with a net, and is similar to volleyball if volleyball was played primarily with feet. Also known as diabolo, the Chinese Yo-yo is an hourglass shaped item that is spun on a string. The string is connected to two hand sticks.

The way to get the diabolo to balance and rotate is to move the hand sticks up and down alternatively. Because of this, the Chinese refer to the playing of the diabolo as, “抖空竹”, or “shake the diabolo.” Players with higher skill can toss the yo-yo up and catch it on the strings, or manipulate the strings into patterns while keeping the yo-yo spinning. 空竹 literally means “empty bamboo.” Diabolos were originally constructed out of bamboo, and the cups were hollow in the middle.

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