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Staroffice 9  Xp

Is anybody using StarOffice 9? As far as I can see from their website you can't trial the suite, without buying it. I'm using StarOffice 8 (product update 12) with Vista without any real problems except a few things: it's a huge download, almost 900 MB, when I use StarOffice Impress (presentations) it has a very annoying behavior, every 5 minutes or so it hangs for a minute (more or less) presumably automatically saving whatever you are doing, and therefore you have to stop your activity as everything hangs.

I was just curious if SO 9 had some improvements in the above mentioned behavior. I'm willing to buy it, (it is cheap) but only if there is a real improvement. Any info, real appreciated.

Jan 21, 2018 Windows › Productivity › Office Tools › StarOffice 9.0. StarOffice 9.0. StarOffice supports the XML file format.

Q: What are the differences between StarOffice 9 Software and the 3.0? A: At the core binary level there are no differences. Como Baixar Guitar Hero Brazucas Para Pc. StarOffice 9 Software is Sun's professional distribution of OOo and comes with: * Extensions and mail/calendar functionality comes with StarOffice Software, with you have to download each extension separately. * Sun warranty and indemnification.

* Hot fixes, patches and updates (OOo is full installation). * Committed timelines. * 3 free warranty support calls (in retail). * Customization, if business opportunity is big enough. I just went ahead and bought S09.

From what I can tell there are a few differences other than what I mentioned. It appears to be a little faster than even the version of G-oo 3 I was using. The icons look more professional. The dictionaries that come with it are more thorough.

More templates, good good ones too. There are other things that are different from OO 3.

I was having a repeating problem with setting a master template to one or more slides; OO 3 would crash every time. SO 9 does not. Also I had issues with the rendering of drawing elements in OO 3. S0 9 does not appear to have these issues. Sun issue fixed more promply.

However, they are 95% the same. But you'll need to gage whether or not the differences are worth $35. I've downloaded GoOo-3 (2.5 hours lasted the download for 167 MB, normally with my connection something like this, is over and done in 3 minutes).

Nov 17, 2008 Support for Mac OS X and improved document format support are some of the improvements Sun is touting in StarOffice 9. Sun Releases StarOffice 9. Download StarOffice free. Your free download will start shortly. If the download does not start automatically please or try another mirror. Maybe someone survived StarOffice 9.2 StarOffice-9. OpenOffice 3 Windows XP. Maybe you can BUY the commercial StarOffice 9 somewhere: http://www.staroffice.

It does exactly the same thing as StarOffice 8 update 12. So far I can see that it is faster and I haven't experienced the ridiculous behaviour I mentioned in my previous posts.

I think I know why there was this hanging pause. When I opened options with StarOffice and checked the memory allocated to it, there was a ridiculous 20 MB by default.

I changed it straight away to 200 MB, and the program became suddenly very fast in its operations. Nevertheless I want to get rid of it as 900 MB of a download is nowadays a sign of bad coding. I will eventually get StarOffice 9 paying for it as a donation(and keeping my fingers crossed that it will play well with Vista). In the meantime GoOo-3 looks good for a free office suite.

Just for the record: I'm back to StarOffice 8 update 12, as GoOo -3 worked well for a while, but with presentations (impress) sometimes it crashed without recovering the slide I was working on. At least SO 8 never let me down in terms of recovery. Another very fastidious thing about GoOo -3 was that when you insert an image from file it wouldn't automatically redirect you to that same file if you wanted more images ( one has to change the path in options every time).

I'm still with the original question: If I buy SO 9 will it work with Vista? 35$ is not much, but to spend it for something that might behave like GoOo-3 it is a waste.

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