Neutraface 2.0 Font

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Farewell Futura, Hello Neutraface No. 2 Written by Stephen Coles on October 22, 2007 Under the perfect marketing copy, “raising the bar”, House Industries has released, a new version of ’s very popular. In my, I referred to the typeface’s “novelty”. By simply raising Neutraface’s, most of that quaintness is removed in No. 2, moving the whole family (which is completely mixable) toward more versatile, workhorse territory.

Neutraface 2.0 Font

This release is surely House’s response to seeing so many examples of Neutraface “standardized” by its users. Also new is an inline version. Who doesn’t love inline type? It so vividly recalls and other pre-war hand lettering.

Neutraface 2 Font

Neutraface No. 2 is an extension of the Neutra legacy by House Industries.

The Campaigns Of Alexander Arrian Pdf on this page. There are other heavy, inlined sans serifs like, but one with a full family of weights and text cuts to back it up is very appealing.

Alright, I searched via the Typophile search function and via Google and found no thread, so if this a duplicate, sorry. Got the email yesterday as an owner of Neutraface that House has released, a companion. A quick first impression is that the caps are more Futura inspired and less Art Deco looking. A nice caps Inline titling weight has been added too. With the geometric and alternate humanistic lowercase letters, looks like House Industries is going for world domination. I like the special discount for current owners of Neutraface to upgrade to No.2.

So, did Christian work on this or did the House team just expand on his work? Hi Christian: Thank you for the correction. I'm so glad that I'm not correct about the character set. I see Neutraface as a well honed and stylish take on the geometric sans, a field occupied by Relay, Verlag, FB Nobel, DTL Nobel, Erbar, Drescher Grotesk, FF Super Grotesk, and Futura. These are either stylish or austere.

But with Neutraface 2.0 I get the bauhaus geometry for serious text work and the those stylish details that make it work it for display applications. I get it all. On Typographica there was a comparison to Gotham (which I personally don't get) but the closest sans would be the exclusive VF Sans from Terminal Design for Vanity Fair. All of the things that bugged me about Neutaface (and stopped me from buying it) are gone! Your 'neutral' Neutraface has more versatility and I appreciate that:-) Just as a side question: In House & Garden magazine they started using a slanted version of Neutraface Drafting- is that something they came up with or is there Drafting Oblique made special for them? Best Wishes and keep cranking them out!

Mike Diaz:-) PS. I love the lower case a and g.

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