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Install Sudden Strike

The fans of this popular series will definitely enjoy the fact that in a moment there will be Sudden Strike 4 on the market. It is fourth edition of series that was started in 2000 by Fireglow Games. The first part was entitled Sudden Strike. In next years, subsequent instalments appeared, and the last of them appeared on PC in 2009 and it was named Sudden Strike: The Last Stand. After all these years of waiting, the fans of the series can finally take a breath of relief, because in 2017 there will be another part that was prepared by different studio, so we can hope for numerous novelties and completely new maps. Blues Brothers 2 Dos Game Download. Sudden Strike 4 Download Full Game PC The creation of the fourth part of the game was responsible thanks to Hungarian studio Kite Games that was formed in 2015.

Install Sudden Strike

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They entrusted this title to the studio Kalypso Media. The game is a fully-fledged continuation of previous part. If you love RTS types of games set in the times of the Second World War, then Sudden Strike 4 will definitely appeal to your taste. Be sure to get Sudden Strike 4 Download and take care of proper tactics to consecutive battles and as a result, win the whole war. The action of the game takes place in the Second World War, just like in all previous instalments of the cycle. In this history, the players take the command over four armies: Great Britain, United States, ZSRR, and Germany. The players have got more than 100 different units at their disposal.

Among other things, we can find there German Heinkel He111 bomber, Russian tank T-64, British airplane Hawker Typhoon, or German tank Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger. The developers have prepared more than twenty scenarios, where the players command the range of varied units.

A complete novelty is the possibility to have one of nine generals, including authentic characters like George Patton or Bernard Montgomery. Each of them characterized with different set of skills that ca be used on the. Thanks to that the fights are different, even surprising. And there are many possibilities on the field. The players can use weak spots of the tanks, prepare variety of traps or ambushes, call airstrikes, occupy the buildings with the use of infantry.

Successful realization of each of twenty scenarios let you to see the historical movie, which action takes place in the time same time as the mission. If you think you are going to be an amazing strategist, then you should try your strength in the next instalment of Sudden Strike series. Show everyone else how to lead soldier to victory. Sudden Strike 4 Download, plan the positions of every unit on the map, and make sure to set amazing trap for the enemy’s soldiers.

The game issued on PC Windows platform will surely satisfy the players with its perfect, three-dimensional graphics of the highest quality. The whole presents incredibly realistic, with huge dose of realism. The developers of the game took care of entirely new system of rewards that rewards the players for proper approach to fights and clashes.

The winners receive skill points and can enrich their knowledge with the use of numerous video materials. The authors increased the maps, what made all the battles and clashes even more effective. They are also led with greater width. The full version of Sudden Strike 4 Download is available right now, so face the enemy, who’s trying to take your lands. Show him how brilliant strategist you are and win the war!

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