O73 Is Not Supported Your Current Installation

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PowerBuilder Oracle “DBMS ORA is not supported” error on one dev machine but not the other. PowerBuilder: DBMS DIR is not supported in your current installation. Connecting to ORACLE - 'DBMS Not Supported In. Xbox 360 Save Editor. >>It should be set to O73. >>DBMS 071 ORACLE v7.1 not supported in your current installation.

O73 Is Not Supported Your Current Installation

Hi everyone, i tried to copy the dlls that you have indicated in the network where the.exe and.pbd are located but when i tried to run it in a workstation the error message 'DBMS ODBC is not supported in your current installation', my database is oracle9i and i have successfully created the ODBC, i have also included the dll for oracle 9i. What will I do? Do i have to install something regarding powerbuilder 9.0 to the workstation? Thanks RE: re: powerbuilder 9.0 client installation (Programmer) 11 Nov 03 09:54.

Roy Jimenez I already installed Oracle client, I test the connection its OK but when I ran the system this is where the error message appear. What is wrong?

Bobsure I already created the file DSN, what is the next step? Will change my INI. Below is my ini: DBMS = ODBC Database= UserId= DatabasePassword= LogPassword= ServerName= LogId= Lock= DbParm='ConnectString='DSN=ora9idev;UID=sample;PWD=sample;DBQ=ora9idev' Please help Roy and Bobsure Thanks RE: re: powerbuilder 9.0 client installation (Programmer) 12 Nov 03 09:57.

I've installed PB12.6 and migrated my code from PB12.0 without problems, deployed the project and replaced the DLL-files of the application with the xxx126.dll files. (btw this is PB Classic) When the project is deployed as 64-bit and launched I get this error: 'DBMS OLEDB is not supported in your current installation.' However, when deployed as 32-bit it works just fine. Both versions uses the same files, which was built with the 64-bit exe (I just added the 32-bit exe within the same folder) As far as I understand it's because it can't load PBOLE26.DLL, but I don't understand what to do to fix this issue.

I used Process Monitor to try to figure out what the problem was. I filtered on paths which contains 'pbole' (and the application's name as the process name) The 32-bit startup The 64-bit startup Essentially, the 32-bit only uses the DLL in the application's folder, but the 64-bit starts looking all over the place for some reason and does a lot more. I guess something goes wrong when it tries to load the DLL? (since it does find it but then decides it needs to look elsewhere) Any ideas on how to tackle this problem? I've tried to install PB12.6 on an almost clean PC to see if it would work, but got the same problem there. Any help is much appreciated!

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