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Sage Timberline Estimating Software Testing Timberline Before Using Innovaya: • To begin go to the Start menu under Programs, click on Sage Software, then select Sage Timberline Office, then select Estimating, and finally select Estimating Extended. Note: In some instances we encountered license problems when trying to open the program.

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Timberline Estimating Timberline Estimating software streamlines the entire estimating process, from conceptual estimate to final bill of material, and everywhere. With Sage Estimating (aka Timberline Estimating), our customers reduce the time it takes to create accurate estimates by as much as 50%. Apr 25, 2012 As the Sage North America Business Partner of the Year, Alliance Solutions Group LLC assists you with your software selection process, implementation, and.

If you encounter this please contact Corey Wilkinson, AE Department Computer/Network Technician for help. • Once you have opened the program you must select a database. Timberline uses several different databases. Play Final Ninja Zero Hacked more. Each database is filled with RS Means cost data. Examples of databases are Commercial General Construction, Commercial Heavy Highway, Commercial Plumbing, etc. These databases are exact replicas of the RS Means cost data books.

In most cases, the user should select the Commercial General Construction database because it has all of the most common assemblies and detail item cost data. If your BIM model is very detailed with plumbing systems, it may make more sense to use the Commercial Plumbing database. It should be noted that all of the databases have assembly and detail cost information built into them.

Note: In some instances the databases may not be properly installed. Please contact Corey Wilkinson, AE Department Computer/Network Technician for help. • Once you have selected a data file you may create a new estimate. Under File, select a new estimate and create a name for it.

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