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Good Morning Mccracken Poems. Feb 04, 2010 samsung bluetooth headset manual AATH200HBE looking for samsung bluetooth manual for mini headset AATH200HBE - Samsung Wireless Headset for question. Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Wireless Phones Headset - Retail Packaging - Black: Cell Phones & Accessories.

Samsung Bluetooth Headset PairingSamsung Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Hi, to be sure if the blue tooth wll be compactible with Samsung Gusto, you will need to use the below instructions first after trying out the instruction and still does not work,that means it's not compactible with it. Instruction: Read the owners manual for your bluetooth device. You will need to find the code to pair your headset to your phone. This code is usually 0000 (those are zeroes) but verify before you proceed. Enter your bluetooth option on your cell phone.

These can be found in your menu under 'bluetooth,' 'connections,' 'settings,' or something similar. Turn on your bluetooth headset and put it in pairing mode. Pairing mode means the bluetooth is ready to be found by your cell phone.

To pair your headset, follow the owners manual for your specific bluetooth model. Pes 2017 Crack Only there. Select 'add device' or 'search for new device' from your cell phone.

Your cell phone will then search for your bluetooth. Once it is found, or discovered, you will need to enter the pairing code (most likely 0000, check your manual to verify). Select 'connect' to finalize the connection if the bluetooth headset didn't connect automatically after the pairing code was entered. Make a test call with your bluetooth in your ear to ensure it is connected properly. Feb 23, 2011 . If you need a copy of the instruction page, I can send you a pdf.

Pairing your headset and cellular telephone: 1. Ensure that the headset is off.

Press and hold the multifunction button until the indicator light turns on in blue (approx.8 seconds). Set your Bluetooth-Compatible Phone to discover the headset by following your phone's guide. Typically, the steps involve going to a 'setup'connect' or 'Bluetooth' menu option on your phone.

Select the option to locate, find or discover Bluetooth devices. Press and hold the multifunction button on the Wireless Headset until your cellular phone locates the device. 7.Your phone will find '-PBH-8W' and ask if you want to pair with it. Confirm by pressing Yes or OK. Charlie Duck Game. 8.Your phone may ask for the password to the headset.

Enter '0000' (four zeros) for the code or passkey 9.Your wireless device will operate up to 30 feet from the wireless telephone. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Contact GNBI: Telephone # 1-800-541-GNBI (4624) Reference # PBH-8W Sep 13, 2008 .

* UPDATE September 30, 2013 yes, this post is 5 years old but still rings true and is one of my highest ranked searches in Google. If this post helped you, please consider going to the right and sending me $1. Since getting my iPhone I have been on a search for the perfect Bluetooth headset. A good one that just barely misses the mark for me is the Samsung WEP 200 Micro bluetooth in ear headset. Here are the pair instructions and pairing code for some of the more stylish line of headsets from Samsung - called the WEP series: To pair the headset in manually pairing mode: 1. With the headset off, press the center POWER button for 7 seconds until you see the headset blue light turn solid blue (no loneger flashing).

The indicator light will turn solid blue, which indicates that the headset is in “Pairing mode”. In the phone, you now have to add the headset to the phone's list of Bluetooth devices. You have to enter a Bluetooth passkey in the phone. The default passkey is 0000. These directions apply to a lot of different bluetooth headsets.

If '0000' (four zeros) does not work, try '0001' (three zeros and a one) or '1234'. Hope this helps! If you'd like to return the favor. Please use the Amazon search at the right or consider a Paypal $1 donation. A 1970's soul sister said. Anonymous said. You are a lifesaver!

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