Optical Electrical Converter

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These wide- band multi-mode optical-to-electrical converters are designed for measuring optical communications signals. They connect to Teledyne LeCroy real-time. Convenient, easy to use optical to electrical converters for use with a wide range of oscilloscopes, digitisers and other readout devices. Find great deals on eBay for optical to electrical converter. Shop with confidence. Application Note Electrical-to-Optical and Optical-to-Electrical (E/O and O/E) converter measurements MS4640B Series Vector NetworkAnalyzer, VectorStar.

Siemens Optical To Electrical ConvertersOptical Electrical Converter

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Click Here To Download: • • Or regarding your application or to request a quote for the TIA-3000 Optical to Electrical Converter The Optical To Electrical Converter: TIA-3000 is equipped with an InGaAs/InP detector that is responsive in the wavelength range of 900 - 1700 nm. The TIA-3000 bandwidth ranges from 30 KHz to 10 GHz (-3 dB). Applications for this converter include the General purpose testing of fiber optic components, data links and transmitter testing, LIDAR and analog RF-over-fiber links. Applications: • General Laboratory Testing of Optical Components • Front-End O/E Converter For Test Instruments • Rapid Doppler-Shift LIDAR Measurements • Analog RF Links Over Fiber Features: • Wavelength Response 900nm to 1700nm • Low Noise, High Gain • Responsivity 450V/W • Bandwidth- 11 GHz (SM) • Type K SMA Output Electrical Connector • FC/UPC Style Fiber Optic Input Connector Click Here To Download: • •.

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