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KillWhitneyDead - So Pretty So Plastic by Dr Fever Five Star: A look at albums that are so good that they impress even the most cynical of critics. Very few albums are superior enough to obtain a five star rating but occasionally a band slips through the river of mediocrity that is the modern music industry and they produce an album that restores our faith in the future of rock! This series is a look at such albums. The band you love to hate has returnedand they’re just as crazy, homicidal and pissed off as ever. “So Pretty So Plastic” (KWD’s second album in 10 months, by the way) is like getting hit in the face with a bag of nails; it leaves and impression. “So Pretty, So Plastic” finds our favorite homicidal maniacs doing what they do best; thrashing metal mixed with some rock and roll and a little bit of grind feel every now and again, raging against their chief creative muse; women and their insanity. Ramones Leave Home Rar.

Kill Whitney Dead So Pretty So Plastic

But, after you listen to it a few times you realize the violence and suggestions of violence has a very tongue in cheek feel to it. Face it; every guy has been screwed over by some viciously insane female AT LEAST once in our lives. KillWhitneyDead is the musical embodiment all our inner-thoughts about what we do to “that bitch who broke my heart!” If you can’t admit that much, you’ve obviously never had contact with a woman. Of course, you can’t talk about KillWhitneyDead without talking about “clips.” To a lot of people that’s what they’re known best for; the blatant usage of sound clips from movies and TV shows. On “So Pretty, So Plastic” we’re given a taste of everything from “American Psycho” (a KWD favorite since their first album), to “The Family Guy” (Stewie is a constant favorite here), to HBO’s “Deadwood” seriesamong a s***-ton of others. But, here’s the thing.KWD just doesn’t haphazardly throw sound clips in.each clip (no matter if it’s 2 seconds or 20 seconds long) contributes to the overall story telling aspect of the album.

They DO serve a purpose; they’re not “just there” for giggles. Although, after about the 5th time listening to the album it is fun to go back and listen again and try to figure out exactly where all the clips originate frombut that’s usually reserved for those times when I’m driving to Clay County to visit the parents n such. One final thing that HAS to be mentioned. This album KillWhitneyDead came up with a rather creative idea. In the process of assembling the album they found themselves with an over abundance of sound clips that went unused. So, they decided they were going to solve this problem with, of all things, a REMIX ALBUM. Entitled “KWDMF-So Pretty So Plastic” and complete with cover artwork ripped straight from some random KMFDM album (also the inspiration for the KWDMF namestands for KillWhitneyDeadMotherF**ker.) But, unlike what you might expect from a remix album KWD didn’t remix the original music then throw in some new sound clipsno no.

Killwhitneydead - So Pretty So Plastic - Five Star Review has news, reviews, info, tour dates, lyrics, tabs, message boards, audio, mp3's and videos. Welcome - Metalhead- - Battle Of The Bands - - Apple Blossom Festival - -6: 3. A mix of bands playing outside on the upper field including- -- The Cranks.

The band took the songs that comprise “So Pretty So Plastic”, stripped EVERY sound clip off of it, left the music exactly the same, and just re-inserted NEW sound clips. A groundbreaking concept? Fun and creative?? Most defiantly. Anyway, if you’re looking for a musical release from all your homicidal urges I strongly recommend you check this album out. Hopefully you’ll be able to track down the KWDMF version (they were limited.) If you can’t score it through the Tribunal web store, try hitting up the Lumberjack Distro website, they might still have some copies. Adventure Island 3 Game.

But, all that aside, just get your hands on either version. Fsx - Venezuela Scenery Svcj. You can’t go wrong either way. And, besides, it really does make for a really nice musical release of those homicidal urges. A much better option than going on a multi-state killing spreeactually, yeah, that’s a good analogy thereThis IS the soundtrack to a multi-state killing spree. So, I guess if you decide that’s your only option, you might as well have the proper soundtrack to go with your homicidal destruction. More Info KillWhitneyDead - So Pretty So Plastic Rating: Track Listing: The Age Old Dilemma Of Romance Vs. Retribution Save Your Sermons For Sunday So I Can Sleep This Night Off If I Told You I Loved YouWould I Get It Any Faster?

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