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Packard Bell Easynote DriversPackard Bell Easy Note Mit-drag-a

Hey, My laptop (Packard Bell MIT-DRAG-D) has not been taking any power from the AC adaptor, and therefore will not turn on. It has a smell of electrical burning when the AC adapter is connected. I sent it to a repair shop who told me they have resoldered the DC jack but this has not fixed the problem. They reckon that the problem is a fault in a power connector card that connects from the DC jack (presumably to the mainboard via a cable?). My question is, does anyone have any information about these connector components? Dangerous Minds Ann. The repair technician says he can't find a replacement component and has recommended buying a second hand laptop of the same model to take the component from (sounds too expensive for me). He also mentioned that the card is around 2 inches square, and had 3 USB sockets(?) on it.

Any information on this component, or where I can find a replacement would be much appreciated. The smell is coming from the laptop, not the adaptor. Pokemon Snap. The adaptor has been tested with a voltage meter and is fine.

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The voltage meter also shows that power reaches the other end of the DC jack from the adaptor. The voltage then does not reach the mainboard from the DC jack. Between the DC Jack and the mainboard is the connector card i mentioned in my OP. All signs point to this as the faulty link. It is replaceable but I have just not been able to find enough information about it to shop for a replacement.

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