Da42 Ir Training Courses

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Da42 Ir Training Courses

Hello Pilots, I need some help from anyone that has some knowledge. My first IR renewal is due very soon. As it is my first renewal, I am wanting to renew my IR in an FNPT 2 DA42 Simulator. As you maybe aware that as it is my first one, I can do it in the simulator as long as it is before the expiry of my IR. I have been calling around the few DA42 flight schools in the UK, however the issue I am having is that nearly all will not be able to give me a renewal session for another month - well past my IR renewal. Therefore I am willing to travel anywhere in Europe to get the IR renewed. I do not know of any main DA42 schools that can offer renewals in Europe.

Install Sudden Strike there. Are any of our European friends able to advise of other DA42 schools in Europe that I can visit to get it renewed in a short time frame. Whether it is in Italy, Greece, Spain etc, I am flexible, as long as I can renew it in a sim before the deadline.

Ir Training Courses

As it is my first renewal, I am wanting to renew my IR in an FNPT 2 DA42 Simulator. As you maybe aware that as it is my first one. IR training, and it was not a. Nov 27, 2013 As it is my first renewal, I am wanting to renew my IR in an FNPT 2 DA42 Simulator. As you maybe aware that as it is my first one.

Thanks so much in advance. Also, why limit yourself to a DA42 sim? The IR is a transferable skill, it should not be limited to one specific type, airfield, set of routes, etc. A scan is a scan, and ADF tracking remains ADF tracking no matter what the airframe. While I agree with you that one should be able to pass an IR proficiency check on any suitably equipped aircraft, an ADF tracking in steam cockpit really can't be compared to ADF tracking with G1000, where the dual-GPS setup supplies you with the track information (= a magenta diamond shows your current track) on the combined EHSI/RMI I wonder how transition from G1000 to 'true' steam (DG + RBI) would look for somebody who did his initial IR on DA42 Personally, if I had to revalidate my IR, I'd find the cheapest FNPT available and do it there. Or if it had to be on the aircraft, I'd find the cheapest aircraft available. Even with different instrument layout, it takes about 2 minutes to adjust your scan cycle - if you know how to fly on the instruments well.

Warrior (ME) DA42 (IR) CPL IR. Winclone 5. Training Course Fees Cessna 152 Piper Arrow £249. Will be charged during the instrument training.

Surely as long as the person demonstrates their ability on steam or glass then they are as capable as the next? I know people who have trained on glass and fly steam commercially very capably and I know people who trained on steam and can barely find their way around the sky.

Its all individual ability so lets not judge the poor chap on what he trained on. He may be worried about doing a steam transition, in which case he may need a nudge get some steam training. Or he may have a job coming up on a DA-42 and he may want a little practice. We don't know his reasons, but we do know he has asked where he can find a DA-42 sim, he did not ask us to question his training, abilities or reasons.

Regardless, I know Atlantic at Coventry use DA-42s and presumably therefore have the sims. You can always try asking for a short notice cancellation if they have any for an examiner/sim slot. Also just as an aside, I have never paid as much for a renewal in the aircraft as I was quoted to do it in the sim, plus you can do the MEP and you don't need to do it pre-expiry.and you get to actually fly.

Good luck whichever way it works out for you. I can see if all you ever flown was glass like the G-1000 you would have problems with vacuum gages.

I take it that you are a young pilot. Low time no doubt. Most airplanes that you might get a job flying to build your time is not going to have that stuff. Why not just do it with what ever sim or airplane you have access to that is close to home, rather that going all over the place to find a DA-42? It seems to me that you are going to spend money anyway, so why not spend it in a way that is a benefit to you? You go Africa to fly bush, and the 206's are not going have G-1000's in them.

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