Adobe An Unimplemented Or Obsolete Function Was Called

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I just upgraded yesterday to Adobe Reader 10.1.10. Tried to print a PDF form from UK Government website and both the print icon on the Adobe page, and my own toolbar Print command causes the spinning beachball and nothing to do but Force Quit. I've tried with Firefox 31.0 and Safari 7.0.6. I'm using a MacBook pro on OS 10.4.4 - all the current versions of software. My printer is fine - I printed stuff yesterday. This did not happen last year (the last time I needed to download this form) but I have just upgraded the Adobe (yet again!!) I anyone else having this problem?

An Unimplemented Or Obsolete Function Was CalledAdobe An Unimplemented Or Obsolete Function Was Called

Can anyone suggest a solution? Is it an Adobe problem? I'd appreciate a answer from anyone who knows what's going on. After hair-pulling frustration seeking a solution to signature incompatibility issues among various versions of Acrobat (we have installations of Acrobat 5, 7, X, and XI in our organization, both 32 and 64-bit, and the lower versions often cannot sign documents after they have been signed using higher versions), Adobe has saved the day by adding full-featured signature capabilities to Reader XI (well, almost full-featured - there's still no invisible signature option; please add). So I've written and distributed detailed instructions describing how to install Reader XI, how to create a pfx file, and how to sign documents with the pdf vector signature images. So far this is working well for everyone, but for some users, the settings aren't sticking and they have to browse to and select the pfx file each time they open Reader XI to sign a document.

I've just downloaded and installed Adobe Reader Version 9.3.0 for Mac (file size is 210.1MB). However, when I try to download the 9.3.1 update I receive. PDPageAcquirePDEContent method problem. Adobe do sometimes revise what is. ERRORCODE - (an unimplemented or obsolete function was called) Mon.

The settings stick as long as the instance of Reader XI is open, but as soon as the instance is closed and opened again, the selection must be made again. Is this a known problem with a solution? I have a Late 2010 MacBook Air running OS 10.9.4. I version of Adobe Reader with which I am having trouble is 11.0.07.

I only recently got this machine but I didn’t have any similar issues on my previous Late 2010 MacBook Air. This previous machine was running OS 10.8 “Mountain Lion” whereas this machine is running 10.9 “Mavericks.'

My problem: whenever I try to open Tools, Comments or Sign menus in the sidebar, it’s a never-ending loading wheel; highlights and comments don’t work on PDFs; it won’t open the Print command. In addition, these errors may help with diagnostics.

Often when I first try to open a document, if the application doesn’t unexpectedly quit, I get this error: 'There was an error opening this document. Failed to load an application resource (internal error).” Also, when I try to open the “Check for updates” command under the Help bar, I get the error 'An unimplemented or obsolete function was called.” I haven’t been able to find anything on this on the Adobe Reader forums or by googling various forum results. Thanks, Adam. “Adobe Reader cannot be opened because of a problem. Check with the developer to make sure Adobe Reader works with this version of OS X. You may need to reinstall the application.

Be sure to install any available updates for the application and OS X. Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- 9-20-2014: Had Mavericks for ~ 1 month.

Adobe Acrobat Reader working just fine. OS X 10.9.4 Got notice to update Acrobat.

I did & it failed to update & got the above message! I searched & found Acrobat v. 11.0.07, I trashed/uninstalled Adobe Reader & also trashed; Adobe Folder containing Acrobat. Aliens Vs Predator 2 Full Game. I D/L new Adobe Acrobat Reader v.

It worked fine! I then upgraded OS X to v. New Adobe Acrobat Reader v. Still worked fine!

Hours later it failed to launch again with the above error message! King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword (poland) on this page. (Crash logs available if needed to solve this) Now using Mac Preview to open PDF files. BTW, I clicked “get Info” on the Reader app & see a box was checked “Open In 32 bit mode.” Since my Mac is 64 bit, I unchecked that box & tried again to launch & same exact error.

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