Xbox Live Gold Membership 48 Hour Trial Codes

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Xbox Live Gold Membership 48 Hour Trial Codes

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The views of the moderation team do not reflect the view of Microsoft or its subsidiaries. I have a couple of trial codes for a 2 and 3 day trial respectively from game inserts. My Gold account expired yesterday, so I have tried entering the codes on these cards to get the trials, but a message appears saying 'You have gold membership already - Give this trial to a friend who hasn't tried Gold, and let them see what they've been missing on Xbox Live' Now that's just a lie, because I don't have gold membership anymore, because it has expired as evidenced by the message I get 'Renew your membership to play this game' when trying to start IDARB. What's the deal? Edit: I entered the code on and it worked after a couple of attempts. If anyone has found this thread through searching thanks to getting a similar error.

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