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I have been cleaning out the back shed at work, and came across this (no idea how long it was sitting there but doesn't appear to be in terrible condition): Inside there are 2 main PCBs (there are 2 other PCBs for the power supply and CRT drive). This is the Main PCB containing the horizontal amplifier and step generator. This PCB contains the collector supply and vertical amplifier. Date code porn! Like most Tek gear of this vintage, transistors and IC's are socketed (sockets are soldered right into the board). I cleaned up the unit and started going through the calibration routine, after thoroughly cleaning and lubricating all switches and panel controls. Calibration is split into 2 sections - the main unit (577) and the standard test fixture (177).

Tektronix 577 Curve Tracer

Tektronix 577 Service Manual. The Tektronix 577 is a curve tracer. Retrieved from 'http://w140.com/tekwiki/index.php?title=577&oldid=28437'. 0470-01 Jul-02 17:26. Tektronix 577 D1 or D2 Curve Tracer Service Instruction Manual Tektronix Type 576 Curve Tracer w/ Standard Base - Tested Good. Tektronix curve tracer repair and calibration models 577, 576, 370, 371, 370A, 371A, 370B, 371B. Tektronix Manual: 577 177D1, D2 Curve Tracer WW. Scanner Internet Archive Python library 0.9.1. Tektronix 7A26 IC Modification (service bulletin).

The main unit was mostly in spec, but the standard test fixture was not producing any vertical drive. First step was to check the supply rails to the vertical pre-amplifier section of the 177. This vertical pre-amplifier is supplied by a floating +/-15 volt supply. The positive rail was spot on, but the negative rail was down around -27 volts. A faulty zener diode (gold plated no less!) was the culprit along with a sad electro - which was duly replaced. Calibration of the 177 was completed without any further fuss, and here it is measuring a good old BC547.

Next step is to replace some burned out panel lights with LED's and give the outer case a good scrubbing. Also would like to find a way to restore the colour of the test fixture socket panel (where the plastic is all yellowed).

Tektronix 577 Transistor Curve Tracer Tektronix 577 Transistor Curve Tracer Orig Cost Low Bid High Bid average $2900 (577/D1) / $2500 (577/D2) (1977) $4850 (577/D1) / $4195 (577/D2) (1982) $6375 (577/D1) / $5505 (577/D2) (1985)... $610.00 12/11/02 # pcboise (w/ 2-xstr plug-ins) $380.00 1/21/03 # calservice (13 bids $1 start) $283.00 (+~$50 s/h) 4/20/06 # aplussurplus (16 bids $25 start) (powers up) $172.50 (+$50.85 ship) 4/20/06 # alimar91 (24 bids $0.99 start) (powers up) $510.00 (+~$48 ship) 7/13/07 #66 $$$$grg$$$$ (10 bids $29.95 start) (refurbished,tested, tweaked, balanced, calibrated) $355.00 (+~$48 ship) 7/21/07 #05 $$$$grg$$$$ (13 bids $29.95 start) (refurbished,tested, tweaked, balanced, calibrated) •. The Type 577 Transistor Curve Tracer system offers a convenient method of presenting dynamic characteristic transistor curves and a wide range of other semiconductor devices. This series places special emphasis on being able to make low current measurements. Collector supply: (five modes, five ranges) 6.5 V/10 A, 25 V/2.5 A, 100 V/0.6 A, 400 V/0.15 A, 1600 V/0.04 A.

Current increments: 5 nA/step to 0.2 A/step ±2%. Voltage increments: 5 mV/step to 2 V/step ±2%. Msr206 Software Unitech.

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