Unstuck And On Target Program

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Unstuck and On Target! Program at the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, an active interdisciplinary evalua-tion, treatment, research, and training clinic. Unstuck and On Target! Program at the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, an active interdisciplinary evalua-tion, treatment, research, and training clinic.

Are you a parent of an 8-12 year old child with autism spectrum disorder without an intellectual disability? Does your child report experiencing problems with flexibility, planning, and/or organization? If so, we need your expertise!

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With funding from the National Institute of Mental Health, 3C Institute is looking for parents to provide feedback on a software program that provides advanced training on how to apply an evidence-based curriculum, Unstuck and On Target, at home. If eligible and chosen to participate in the study, all participants will be asked to complete the following research activities: • Complete a survey of demographic information. • Review modules of the UOTe online software, created to help parents implement the UOT curriculum at home.

Unstuck And On Target Program

• Provide feedback on assigned modules (no more than six modules over a nine–month period). • After completing the online research activities, some participants may be asked to participate in a brief phone call about their experiences with the software. You will receive a $25 Amazon gift code for each module that you review and complete related study materials. We anticipate that each participant will review at least two modules and as many as six during the course of the nine-month study.

In order to learn more about the study or to determine if you are eligible to participate in this study, please visit the following link: If you have any questions about this research, please contact Kelly Kocher, 3C Research Assistant, via e-mail at or via phone at (919) 677-0102 ext.

Size: 8.5 x 11.0 Stock Number: 72032 Format: Paperback w/CD-ROM Promotion Code: For students with autism spectrum disorders, problems with flexibility and goal-directed behavior can be a major obstacle to success in school and in life. But flexibility and goal-setting can be taught just like any other skill—and this how-to manual equips professionals with simple, real-world ways to help students with ASD develop this critical aspect of executive function. Lenovo Ideapad Tablet K1 Apx Driver more. A classroom-based intervention approach for high-functioning students ages 8–11, this innovative guide gives special educators and other service providers ready-to-use lessons that promote cognitive and behavioral flexibility in everyday situations, from compromising with peers to handling schedule changes.

Developed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers and front-line professionals, the 27 lessons in Unstuck and On Target! • are tested and proven. Students in field tests reported clear benefits, including increased ability to compromise and focus on larger goals. • reflect the learning style of students with ASD. Explicit, step-by-step routines, activities, and scripts build on the natural strengths of students with ASD and ensure that they make progress.

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