Umc 15 Lcd Tv Manual

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• 15’’ LCD TV Model: 15/4, 15/6 USER GUIDE. • WARNINGS Thank you for purchasing this television. For your safety, please take time to read these instructions carefully in order to familiarise yourself with the operation of the appliance and the important safety information. We strongly recommend that this product is installed by a competent person. If in doubt, refer to the retailer or the manufacturer helpline. • WARNINGS Screen Burn A characteristic of Plasma and LCD TV Panels is that displaying the same image for a long time may cause a permanent after-image to remain on the screen. This is called screen burn.

Swisstec and UMC Television Instruction Manuals and. Manual.In order to identify the correct model of your TV, click here. 15' models: Model Number/Code: LCD TV. • Use eyeglass cleaner to remove stubborn dirt from the LCD. UMC- 32-68G-GB-1B-TCDUP-UK. 14-15 TV Menu Operation. View and Download UMC 15/4, 15/6 user manual online. 15/4, 15/6 LCD TV pdf manual download. LCD TV; 15/4; User manual; UMC 15/4 User Manual. 40' LCD TV UMC Collection.

Umc 15 Lcd Tv ManualUmc 15 Lcd Tv Manual

Most pictures shown on your TV will be constantly moving and fill the screen Xm Dehumidifier Manual. . • Frequently Asked Questions..Technical Specification...Warranty - Helpline Information..Index...25 If you experience any problems with this Television, Please contact the helpline. Customer Support/Technical Helpline Sky Media UK LTD 0870 242 6292 Telephone: Email.

• GETTING STARTED - INCLUDED ACCESSORIES Accessories Included with this TV are the following accessories: 1x - User Guide Book 1x - Remote control NICAM MENU MENU BACK AV/TV SUBT INFO TEXT HOLD PGDN PGUP INDEX SIZE REVEAL SUBPAGE GREEN YELLOW CYAN SLEEP LAST P- MODE. • GETTING STARTED - INITIAL SET UP IMPORTANT - AFTER TUNING DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS FOR 20 SECONDS SO THE CHANNEL INFORMATION CAN BE STORED. If you do not have Digital TV (Freeview) in your area TUNING IN DIGITAL TV or wish to tune in via the analogue signal please follow the below.

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