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Update your map or get a new travel map. Get safety camera warnings and voices on your device.

My GO screen gave up on me, and support said, 'Sorry, can't fix that! Placebo By Howard Pittman. ' So I've reverted to my old ONE XL which still works fine. However, I'd like to update the maps etc.

The device connection registers on my ThinkPad (o/s Win7 Pro 64bit) with both an alert to the fact of the connection being recognised, and the content of the new drive (ONE XL) showing. I've downloaded MY DRIVE CONNECT FOR WINDOWS, but it doesn't see my ONE XL. I've checked for drivers and cannot find anything under the Network Adapters, but under Portable Devices I found TOMTOM DISK (not too sure what this is). Under DISK DRIVES I found the TomTom ONE XL, and looking through the properties see the drivers are up to date (Windows Drivers). So the question is, how do I get the MY DRIVE CONNECT to see the ONE XL, and secondly how do I download latest maps (if this isn't intuitively provided).

Thanks for the feedback. Home doesn't appear to work either so I downloaded the other. It just seems a bad business strategy to not support older products (I have a card to extend the memory). It also seems trite for the site to state, 'However, this may be the perfect opportunity to discover what our new range of navigation products has to offer you.' For how long?

I upgraded to the GO750 from the ONE XL but when the screen co-ords (!!) gave in, that couldn't be repaired. Blues Brothers 2 Dos Game Download more. It seems very foolish that in a community of friends who use Garmin as their GPS of choice, and where we discuss my issues with TomTom devices (including cardio watches) that I should purchase 'our new range of navigation products'. For the folk that remain, I sincerely hope the guys in BV start thinking loyalty support.

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