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Tim Where did you hear the interview - is it still available? Have you seen Tom H's web site? He seems to be a real fan. No faint praise.

The system is being sold through Clickevents site also - thats where I heard the interview ( available to 'Traders Class' members ). I emailed Tom H at City and he phoned me - I also phoned George Hallmey - its always a leap of faith when buying a system unless you can see a hard evidence that it does provide an edge; but based on what research Ive done so far and what ive heard from people I respect there may be something in it. I bought the Market Matrix in December, having attended Steve Copan's 1-day course in October 2004. My experience with it is 100% positive and am using it exclusively now as my sole trading method. Just for clarity, the Market Matrix is a trading technique, not a system per se. The product itself is a 3-part CD-ROM set of tutorials, outlining the way Steve Copan trades.

As such, it is by far the best workshop I have ever attended, and the beauty is that I can re-attend whenever I like by replaying any part of the CDs. One of the most impressive parts is where he nails the 3 January high to the time and price, yet there I was, watching it several weeks in advance. Amazing stuff! In terms of trading results, anyone who’s gone through the CDs will understand that I’ve been having a ball with the S&P in the last few days as it bounces around levels that I would never have known existed without the MM. Incidentally, the two people with whom I kept in touch after the course have also been in on the same trades that they too found for themselves using the same methods. I’m now able to plan my trades on any time frame well in advance and with complete calmness, even intraday. Descargar Manual Cazadores Oscuros Sherrilyn Kenyon here. Pdf Converter Professional 6.0.

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