Solo Tier List Patch 4.6

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Hi guys, I'm here to share a tier list with champions that will make climbing easier. I'd like to introduce myself first tho. My nickname is Exte, a diamond player on both EUNE/EUW and I've been playing the game since preseason 2. So lemme get this started with champions who I think are good for soloQ. Top Lane: Irelia, Jax, Renekton, Ryze Before I get started with the toplane picks I'd like to note that, in my opinion, tanks can't carry games that easily and soloq is way too different from competitive games so carry laners are the way to go for me.

Solo Tier List Patch 4.6

• Irelia is one of the strongest laners for SoloQ at the moment and she can hold her ground against hard matchups thanks to her sustain. Quanta Gente Veio Ver Rar. Come around level 5 she can start trading with hard with almost anyone and always come out on top • Jax is a ticking timebomb and you can't keep him down unless your team and yourself get completely stomped. I feel that Jax is the strongest toplaner at the moment and can win games singlehandedly. Although, I wouldn't splitpush that much with him on soloq because if your team doesn't coordinate and react to it you won't gain anything out of it except for extra focus on you. • I honestly hate Renekton and never really play him because I hate how faceroll he is but if I have to be objective he is a solid toplaner. The ultimate nerfs bringed him down a notch but were deserved imo.

He can win almost every lane matchup with no special skill required and is always there to annoy the enemy team. • Ryze is a monster, scales a bit softer than Jax but if he gets going he's gonna tank the entire enemy team while killing them. What I hate on Ryze is his weakness to all ins and he's easier to shut down than Jax or Irelia if he gets ganked early. Shinobido Pal Ps2 Iso. Jungle: Kha'Zix, Elise, Nocturne, Xin Zhao, Shyvana Patch 4.5 brought an entire new roster of champions back into viability but Kha'Zix and Elise are still strong. Lee is also good but ward jumping is very punishing on him at the moment and I dislike that. • Kha'Zix is one versatile motherfucker. He can evolve whatever he wants and still be useful.

He's very strong at the moment and can affect all stages of the game heavily, be it early game and his strong ganks or midgame and his strong teamfighting the bug is still king. • But what is a king without a queen?

Elise is the most versatile champion after Lee Sin, bringing 6 skills to battle whether that's to engage, catchup or finish you off the Spider Queen still reigns supreme after her recent nerfs. • Nocturne is one of my favourite junglers at the moment bringing Paranoia to the enemies. Feral Flare brought him back to FotM and he's stronger than ever. His ability to dive the enemy team's squishies and kill them with that much ease is similar to Zed (GO REDDIT DETECTIVES) and his skillset is full of steroids so whether you build tank or assasin your damage output is gonna be very high • Xin Zhao was already viable before the Feral Flare but that just made him godlike among other junglers. His ability to gank lanes is very good and if you're on the enemy team with no escapes then you might aswell never go to your lane. With a playstyle focused more on teamfighting and very high base damage Xin Zhao is an early game bully who can tank very well thanks to his ultimate • Shyvana in the jungle has the fastest clear of them all and stacks Feral Flare like no other. I think that Shyvana jungle is better than top at the moment because she gets a relatively safer early game in exchange for a bit less of farm.

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