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Saliva - Every Six Seconds 01-Superstar 02-Musta Been Wrong. Pass: Deadman Posted by xBATTERYx. Saliva every six seconds rar From (69 MB) If file is deleted from your desired shared host first try checking different host by clicking on another file title.

Contents • • • • • • • Title meaning [ ] revealed the meaning of the album's title in an interview with Therese McKeon from the website Shoutweb: Everything we do is for a reason and I felt like this was an opportunity to do what we wanted to do right down to the album cover and the album title. It was another opportunity to be creative and invoke thought. We thought the title 'Every Six Seconds' said a lot about the world today and where our society is pretty much sitting. I got it from a news documentary I was watching that was talking about robbery and car theft and murder and other subjects. It finally got around to sex of course and they said that men think about sex every six seconds.

I thought that was really interesting and it kind of stuck in my mind. I think it says it all for me and for the record. It's dealing with everything from the healing condition to anger and love and sex and spiritually and the disillusionment with society. I think the title is befitting. Media appearances [ ].

This article may contain,, or examples. Please by adding more descriptive text and removing. See Wikipedia's for further suggestions. (August 2017) () The songs 'Superstar' and ' are featured in the movie, but are not featured on the official soundtrack; the video of 'Click Click Boom' is featured in the special edition DVD.

Saliva Every Six Seconds

However, the additional soundtrack More Fast and the Furious does contain these two tracks. Episodes Of Tom And Jerry. 'Superstar' was used as one theme song at WWE, where the band performed the song live. 'Click Click Boom' was also used as the theme song for the pay-per-view event in October 2001, and can be found on the Talladega Nights soundtrack. 'Superstar' was also used in the TV special,, and.

' was featured on the movie soundtrack. In 2001, Saliva created a song for the video game. Although the song is not listed on the CD, the video for 'Your Disease' was put in the game as an unlockable. 'Click Click Boom' was used on the soundtrack for the 2002 video game and the 2001 video game. 'Superstar' and 'Click Click Boom' were used on the soundtrack for the video game MX 2002 Featuring Ricky Carmichael.

The song 'After Me' was featured in the video game. 'Your Disease' is on the 2002 PlayStation 2 game soundtrack and the 2003 PlayStation 2 game.

'Superstar' was featured in the 2002 video game. In 2009, ' was used in the video game.

'Click Click Boom' was also recently used in the 2011 video game. Tp-link Tl-wn821n Driver Windows Xp there. It can be heard playing when riding in the back of a at the end of one of the missions.

'Doperide' is used as the theme song for the monster truck. An instrumental version of 'Lackluster' was used as the theme for (or simply Test Drive in the US) with an additional dance remix created for the game's soundtrack. The song 'Click Click Boom' also appeared on the soundtrack. 'Your Disease' was played in the season five episode 'Life in the Past Lane' in 2001. Reception [ ] • (5/01, p. 88) – 3 out of 5 – 'A pop-metal band with a penchant for pretty, angst-ridden melodies for lonely boys and girls.' • (3/12/01, p. 19) – 'Of-the-moment aggro, with an emphasis on rapcore moments interrupted by melodic, clean vocals.'

Track listing [ ] No. Title Writer(s) Length 1. 'Superstar' 4:03 2. 'Musta Been Wrong' Scott, Wayne Swinny, Chris D'Abaldo 3:33 3. ' Scott, D'Abaldo, Swinny, 4:12 4. ' Scott, D'Abaldo, Swinny 4:00 5. ' Scott, D'Abaldo 3:52 6.

'Greater Than/Less Than' Scott, Marlette 4:50 7. 'Lackluster' Scott, Marlette 5:12 8. 'Faultline' Scott, Dave Novotny 3:49 9. 'Beg' Scott, Novotny 3:40 10. 'Hollywood' Scott 3:50 11. 'Doperide' Scott, D'Abaldo, Swinny 3:26 12. 'My Goodbyes' Scott, Marlette 6:29 Total length: 50:56 Personnel [ ] • – vocals • Wayne Swinny – guitar • Dave Novotny – bass guitar • Chris D'Abaldo – guitar • Paul Crosby – drums, percussion Chart positions [ ] Album Year Chart Position 2001 Top Heatseekers 1 Billboard 200 56 Singles Year Single Chart Position 2001 'Click Click Boom' Mainstream Rock Tracks 15 Modern Rock Tracks 25 2002 'Your Disease' Mainstream Rock Tracks 3 Modern Rock Tracks 7 'After Me' Mainstream Rock Tracks 31 References [ ].

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