Revalver Mk Iii (guitar Amp Software) Patch (read Info)

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Revalver Mk Iii (guitar Amp Software)  Patch (read Info)

Peavey's ReValver amp modelling software steps-up a gear with the launch of version 4. Following on from ReValver Mk.III.V. To read the article in its. Heroquest Board Game Download.

With amp modelling plug-ins becoming so good these days that they have truly become viable alternatives to real amps for both studio and live work, it takes quite a lot to make a product stand out from the rest of the crop. Peavey has always aimed for this lofty goal with their ReValver amp modelling software and with the release of version 4 they are definitely on the path to that glory.

Following on from ReValver Mk.III. This Mortal Coil Blood Zip - Apps. V, version 4 is a complete rewrite, from the user interface and graphical elements right down to the modelling engine that powers the amp models. In an attempt to create some of the most realistic feeling and sounding amplifiers ever modelled in software, Peavey has decided to start from scratch and model each and every component of the supplied amplifiers using an engine called SPLICE. Previously SPLICE has been used by amp manufactures when designing new circuits as it allows you to model and map each component of the design and listen to the effect of every subtle change as if the real amplifier were in front of you. The problem was that this technology was previously too processor intensive for realtime use but Peavey has managed to pull the SPLICE tech into ReValver 4 whilst retaining realtime modelling abilities, giving the user all of the tonal and feel benefits that this ultra-real technology brings.

It’s obvious when you launch ReValver 4 that a huge amount of time and care has gone into the visual design of the software. The user interface is very easy to navigate and each of the amplifier modules has been recreated with a superb level of detail and fidelity. The main interface is divided into three sections, Stomps, Amps & Cabs and Effects with the ability to run two distinct signal chains containing each of these elements.

The ‘Stomps’ section presents the user with a virtual pedal board on which a number of beautifully recreated stomp boxes can be placed in any order desired. The ‘Amps & Cabs’ section allow the user to select and place any combination of amp and cab modules with a dizzying array of options available to owners of the full package. The amps' modules are visually very similar to the actual amplifiers they are modelling (or identical in the case of Peavey’s own models) and are very easy to tweak, working just as you would expect and are used to. The cab modelling is all done using Peavey’s RIR technology based on highly accurate convolution based modelling, where the cab, mic and mic position are sampled using an impulse response. Whilst this is standard practice now, ReValver 4 offers a huge array of cabs and mics with multiple positions and the ability to change the mic pattern and proximity or filter lows and highs and add room ambience.

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