Program Is Too Large Vfp

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Sent by Roger Stanley on 09:49:22 AM: Thank you for your fast responses. It is appreciated by all of your users. I sloved the problem by placing most of the code in a.mrg file.

Program Too Large For Screen

I tried to build an exe but VFP7/SP1 complains: Program is too large and stops the execution! What is this? Is there a workaround? Virtual Studio Tv Set. Building Large Scale Web Applications with Visual FoxPro. VFP Conversion program exports to Mini import format. This value is set way too high for typical NT based application server systems.

I'm now wondering if I messed something up somewhere. I have a program that checks for the existance of the directory and file, when opening a database, before it opens the file. If the file exists it opens it, if not it creates it. I've used this program since I purchased foxweb last year and have never had a problem.until today. I have 1 screen that has 3 forms - 1 for display, 1 to add a record and, the 3rd to delete the record. All 3 pass the same hidden form fields to the procedures (file location and name). It worked great until this morning.

When trying to adding a record I received an error message 'unrecognized phrase or keyword' and 'if!directory(xx)'. And it gave me the line number of the program that checks to see if it exists.

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