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Palm 7x

Palm Desktop is the desktop companion software for all Palm devices. It allows users to view, sort, find, edit, back up, and add anything to Palm OS handhelds. This list will include all the software that has been verified by other users to work on the Palm TX. With all the work that has gone into making the software.

I think there has to be a way! After all, it is running fine on my 64-bit HP desktop computer running under Windows 10.

Can I not find a way to copy it and install it on the new 64-bit laptop running under Windows 10? Since the software license is tied to the Palm handheld device, which I have, - and not a single computer - there should be no licensing problem in installing it on my second computer before the old desktop crashes! Xforce Adobe Cs6 Keygen Invalid Request Code For 2006 more. Is there a software download site from where I can download the application without risk of downloading it a virus along with it?

Cons: no color screen, but then color screens can have problems that this one doesn't. About 3 years ago a friend was staying at our place for a couple of days, and he had a very ancient Palm Pilot with him -- which he showed me and demonstrated some of its capabilities. Having never heard of or seen such a gizmo before, I was naturally impressed. (Goes to show how effective advertisements are because at that time I already had a nice desktop computer with internet service, yet somehow I hadn't been introduced to or enticed into buying a PDA!) When he showed me his Palm Pilot, I knew right then that someday I would have to have one of those. That day came 4 months ago while rumaging through stuff at Ebay. Without very much research I bid on a Palm VIIx and by golly, I was the lucky high bidder. It wasn't all that sweet of a deal because after paying the outrageous shipping fees the seller was charging, it ended up costing me $110.

And now I want to tell you about this wonderful gadget. A PDA ( Personal Digital Assistant)is basically a miniature computer that you can hold in your hand. There are many brands out in the market and each brand has many kinds of PDA's so with a little research you can find the one that best suits your needs and your wallet. I can't even pretend that I know any of the technicalities of PDA's, but all I want to do here is tell you simply how I have found this Palm Pilot to be of great use to me. Calculator A very simple calculator (no scientific calculations, just the basics) but very handy Memo Pad Write or type notes.

Lots of them. There is a small square area on the screen that you use to 'write' notes. All you have to do is learn how to write each letter and number and symbol with one stroke (or a tap and a stroke) and you can learn to write notes as fast as you could on a regular note pad. You can also purchase a portable keyboard so you can type your notes instead. I have not bought a keyboard, so I have no experience there.

To Do List Similar to Memo Pad, you write things to do in list form, and you can check off items as you accomplish them, and they disappear from your list. You can put deadlines on your to do items so your PDA warns you when something is due. Address and Phone book Store hundreds of names/addresses/phone numbers and even email addresses and you can categorize them under 'Personal' 'Business' 'Friends' or any category you create. Or just leave them 'Unfiled'! Scheduler A great feature!

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