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( Miomap v3.2 - ultimate map and cockpit view - completely zoomed out in PetitDroud DroudiBlue v2) Just a reminder: by publishing these map overviews Morkin's website owner(s) in no way whatsoever encourages you to illegally acquire any of the maps listed here. These overviews are provided purely to see if certain maps exist for your Mio device. So don't ask for any of them in the Guestbook or DigiChat area. Such questions and links to illegal software and maps will be deleted immediately. If you need maps just buy them from either Mio, I-GO, NAV-N-GO or through local resellers. General remarks Western Europe update 2007.01 remarks All maps are updated to 2007.01. The strange thing i noticed is that the map of Switzerland seems to be renamed to Liechtenstein.

Ulead Photoimpact 7. Gps Maps Mio Moov 200, Gps Maps Mio Moov 300 European Maps, Gps Maps Mio Moov 500, Mio Moov 200 Gps Map Europe, Mio Moov 200 Gps Map, Gps Maps Mio Moov 300. Every GPS map update from Mio tells you of new roads and. There’s always something refreshing about getting new GPS maps for your Mio. ©2017 MiTAC Europe.

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Very strange thing. Haven't got any clue why this is done. If anyone out there knows please share it. Send me a message. You can still search in Switzerland. Just select it in address search. Mio states that there are 24 maps on the Western Europe version, but i count only 20.

Where are the other 4 maps? The other 4 maps are actually hidden in other maps: •.

Vatican City ===>Italy What happened to the map of Greece which was originally in Western Europe version? For some reason Mio decided, at the last moment, not to include Greece in their Western Europe issue. Maybe because of the bad coverage of only 31%. But still, one might argue that 31% is better than nothing at all. Your license.db still covers Greece. So if you are able to get your hands on this map, Greece.fbl, you can use it without any problems.

Once installed, you can even get an update on it through Mio Updater v3. Isn't that a funny thing, ha, ha. Maps History: New available maps or updates Due to my full schedule i won't be able to update the maps as regurlarly as i want to anymore. I get a lot of kind messages from you readers telling me that there are new maps, which are not on this page. Most of the time i know of these maps already. So just be patient i will update as much as i can. Keep sending those messages, though, cause i might miss one or two.

Thank you all. People who already have the map of Greece on their device can now get an offical update through Mio Updater v3. The map size has grown to 6,18 Mb and has now version 2006.10.

Picture overview of Mio / I-GO maps (pictures updated May 17th, 2007) Alphabetical Map Overview grouped on specific parts of the world (updated May 17th, 2007) Part 1: West & East-Europe Coverage in% Map name Version Mio Source Map Size Which package Issue Date Roads House no. Albania.fbl 2006.10 Tele Atlas 63 KB Free Summer Update Andorra.fbl 2007.01 Tele Atlas 115 KB New I-GO 2007 release Austria.fbl 2007.01 Tele Atlas 23,799 MB Western Europe 100 100 Basemap.fbl 2006.01 NIMA VMAP0 4,499 MB Western Europe Belarus.fbl 2006.10 Tele Atlas 170 KB Eastern Europe Belgium.fbl 2007.01 Tele Atlas 18,621 MB Western Europe 100 100 BosniaHrz.fbl 2006.10 Navigo Sistem 1,410 MB Eastern Europe 100 #NB Bulgaria.fbl 2007.01 MMCN Ltd. Convert an address to longitude and latitude by just typing in the address in the box on your left. You can type any address in the world as long as you use following format: street, city, country or street, city, state. Even you can find the longitude and latitude belonging to a house number. You can copy and paste the longitude or latitude to your GPS or to any program which is using long/latitude, like 'poi editor' or 'IGo poi explorer'. This site is very usefull if you want to create a Poi file for your navigation tool.

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