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The error message means that it is impossible for Microstran to orient the section axes because you have specified an illegal/impossible reference node or axis. Microstran uses a third node (C) to orient the section axes. With the A and B nodes for the member, C forms a plane in which the member local y axis is located - this is what's normally the section YY axis.

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A free, mean and lean way to create data driven PDF on the fly by using SQL server reporting service (SSRS) The Microstran User s Manual is on-line through Help. Bentley Microstran Advanced offers design of members to several steel design codes including AS 3990, AS 4100, NZS 3404, AS/NZS.

By default, Microstran assigns a reference axis to each member - columns usually use -X (global) and other members -Y or -Z, whichever is up. With a reference axis, the C node is effectively at an infinite distance along the axis. Driver Marvell Libertas 88w8335 Windows 7. Your error would occur if you specified a column with the up axis being the reference axis. The error message means that A, B, and C do not form a plane, but rather, they are collinear. RE: Microstran V8 (Structural). Thanks engsys! Im just playing around with a complex frame which I remember back in my University days (not an actual job!), which turns out to be a critical form structure (i.e.

A mechanism for small displacements), so should have no solution! (a simple hexagon pinned at the external nodes and diagonal internal bracing to all external nodes). Turns out that way after doing what you suggested. Pardon my ignorance But shouldn't the reference node/axis be in the default mode already?

And what was the specified node/axis before I made it the default axis anyway? RE: Microstran V8 (Structural) 13 Jan 08 17:13.

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