Jaylib Champion Sound Deluxe Edition

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More Jaylib Champion Sound Deluxe Edition images. Name: Jaylib (J Dilla & Madlib) – Champion Sound (Deluxe Edition) Genre: Rap Hip-Hop Year: 2003 Label: Stones Throw Records Featuring: Frank-n-Dank, Talib Kweli.

This section does not any. Unsourced material may be challenged and. (July 2009) () Jaylib began in 2000 when DJ J Rocc of the gave a CD of unused tracks by to. Madlib then recorded vocals over these beats and labelled them 'Jaylib', without the intention of actually releasing them. Placed one of these recordings as the B-side to a promo 12' Madlib single, under the name Jaylib, which was eventually heard by Dilla. The pair recorded Champion Sound in separate cities, Madlib in, and Dilla in by sending recordings back and forth.

The two met only once before or during this time, while Madlib was recording in Detroit for J Dilla's album on MCA Records; a record that was never released. The album was released in 2003 after much delay due to and and received positive reviews. Following Dilla's move from Detroit to in 2004, they appeared together on tour in Spring 2004 in Los Angeles,,, and. Madlib debuted a yet-unreleased Jaylib song on a radio show in May 2005 titled 'Take It Back aka The Unofficial', produced by J Dilla with vocals by Madlib. The track was released on and 's compilation. Releases [ ]. This section needs additional citations for.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2015) () The first pressings of the album in the USA contained two bonus tracks: 'Raw Addict,' and 'Ice' (which otherwise are only on a white label 12' issued by Stones Throw); the first pressing of the CD in Europe included those two and a third track, 'Pillz,' which was later featured as the b-side to the single for 'McNasty Filth'. In 2005 Madlib's compilation of unreleased Jaylib tracks got leaked as an early version of 's did before. These two CDs were compiled by Madlib in late 2002 to listen to on a trip to Brazil. The Jaylib compilation is called The Rough Drafts and the Madvillain compilation is called Madvillainy Preview. The 2007 re-issue of Champion Sound was abruptly delayed when Stones Throw was issued a cease-and-desist from the camp of artist.

[ ] 'The Red', one of the more popular songs from the LP, contained an unauthorized sample of her song 'Shine On, Straight Arrow'. The song appears on the reissue with an alternate beat, though one still arranged by Jay Dee. An alternate beat was also used for the song 'No Games' on the re-issue. Reception [ ] In 2010, Champion Sound was listed by as one of the 'Top Ten Albums of the Last Decade'. In 2015, it ranked at number 41 on 's '100 Best Indie Hip-Hop Records of All Time' list. In that year, it was also listed by as one of the '30 Best Underground Hip Hop Albums Since 2000'.

Track listing [ ] No. Title Producer(s) Length 1.

To Detroit', 1:19 2. 'McNasty Filth' (featuring ) Madlib 2:55 3. 'Nowadayz' J Dilla 3:08 4. 'Champion Sound' Madlib 2:23 5. 'The Red' J Dilla 3:14 6. 'Heavy' Madlib 3:46 7.

'Raw Shit' (featuring ) J Dilla 3:08 8. 'The Official' Madlib 3:31 9. 'The Heist' J Dilla 3:05 10. 'The Mission' Madlib 2:24 11. 'React' (featuring ) J Dilla 2:45 12. 'Strapped' (featuring ) Madlib 3:13 13.

'Strip Club' (featuring ) J Dilla 2:50 14. Msr206 Software Unitech. 'The Exclusive' (featuring ) J Dilla 1:23 15. 'Survival Test' Madlib 3:55 16.

'Starz' J Dilla 3:03 17. 'No Games' Madlib 1:47 18. 'Raw Addict' J Dilla 3:02 19. 'Ice' Madlib 1:17 20. 'Pillz' J Dilla 3:05 Deluxe edition: Disc 1 No. Title Producer(s) Length 1. To Detroit' 2.

'McNasty Filth' 3. 'Nowadayz' 4. 'Champion Sound' Madlib 5. 'The Red (Remix)' J Dilla 3:22 6.

'Heavy' Madlib 7. 'Raw Shit' J Dilla 8. 'The Official' Madlib 9. 'The Heist' J Dilla 10. 'The Mission' Madlib 11. 'React' J Dilla 12.

'Strapped' Madlib 13. 'Strip Club' J Dilla 14. 'The Exclusive' J Dilla 15. 'Survival Test' Madlib 16. 'Starz' J Dilla 17.

'No Games' Madlib 18. 'Raw Addict' J Dilla 19. 'Pillz' J Dilla Deluxe edition: Disc 2 No. Title Producer(s) Length 1. Turtles In Time Psn on this page. 'Da Rawkus (Sir Bang Version)' 2.

'The Official (Rap Circle Mix)' 3. 'Heavy (Chronic Mix)' Madlib 4. 'Optimos for Dilla (Interlude)' Jaylib 5. 'Survival Test (Rasta Dub Remix)' Madlib 6. 'Champion Sound (Remix)' Madlib 7. 'The Mission (Stringed Out Mix)' Madlib 8. 'One for Dilla (Interlude)' Jaylib 9.

'Strapped (Four-4 Mix)' Madlib 10. 'McNasty Filth (Instrumental)' Madlib 11. 'Nowadayz (Instrumental)' J Dilla 12. 'Champion Sound (Instrumental)' Madlib 13. 'The Red (Instrumental)' J Dilla 14.

Daily Thanthi Tamil News Paper Tirunelveli Edition more. 'Heavy (Instrumental)' Madlib 15. 'Raw Shit (Instrumental)' J Dilla 16. 'The Official (Instrumental)' Madlib 17. 'The Heist (Instrumental)' J Dilla 18. 'The Mission (Instrumental)' Madlib 19. 'React (Instrumental)' J Dilla 20. 'Strapped (Instrumental)' Madlib 21.

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