Itunes For Windows 7 64 Bit For Iphone 4s

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Instructions To Itunes To Iphone 4 64 Bit Windows 7 Read/Download iTunes 64 bit, free and safe download. ITunes 64 bit 12.2.2: Still one of the best music players.

Itunes  For Windows 7 64 Bit For Iphone 4s

I am getting several errors with sync'ing iTunes to my iPhone on windows7 64bit. I reinstalled iTunes, I did a repair on iTunes, even tried a RESTORE on iPhone, but it gives me so many errors one after another after another. Some of the items were NOT copied to iPhone 'iPhone' because one ore more errors occured. Attempting to copy to the disk 'iPhone' failed.

An internal device error occured. The iPhone 'iPhone' can NOT be synced. An unknown error occured (0xE8004006).

The iPhone 'iPhone' can not be synced. The required file can not be found. The iPhone 'iPhone' can not be synced. A duplicate filename was specified. The iPhone 'iPhone' can not be synced. An internal device error occured.

These errors keep appearing one after the other. I have fully uninstalled iTunes and ALL Apple programs from my PC, rebooted, disabled antivirus/firewall software, etc. I have tried changing time zones. I have created a new user account on same laptop and still have same issues with iTunes. Restore fails with error 'Unable to read file or file is corrupt'.

Yet iTunes works fine on a 32bit operating system of Windows 7. The problem is that I upgraded my laptop and the new laptop is Win7 64bit. I have ALL the newest drivers, and I checked to ensure it was not a BIOS or CHIPSET driver causing issues. All windows updates are up to date and current. I have been trying for over a week with every piece of trouble shooting I can find to make this work.

Any help or further information would be VERY GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thanks in Advance Dell XPS14 L401X, Windows 7, 64 bit Posted on Feb 2, 2011 4:08 PM. This has been a nightmare, but I finally got it all working on my XPS just fine. First, I deleted ALL my iTunes media/music/everything from the iTunes folder on the XPS. I copied over the ENTIRE iTunes folder from my previous Toshiba laptop again. Making sure to copy the file iTunes Library.itl Then I followed these instructions I found on another link, so that my iPhone would assume it was the same previous library. Once that was done, it actually sync'd fine and everything is working.

I contacted Dell also and was told I could have 1 free software support call saving me the $120. Edius 6 After Effects Filter Plug In Bridge on this page. But they were unable to resolve my issue also. Good thing I didn't have to pay for it.

After EXTREME frustrations, I finally have it all working on my XPS and now I have time to love my new pc again! LoL I hope this works for you. Feb 4, 2011 1:09 AM. Hey Corey, Thanks for this. I can now sync my phone. However, I used to manually manage my music instead of syncing with a playlist etc.

I still have a problem that when I put music on it works fine, however if I want to remove something and I go to look at the music and highlight what I want to delete, the intel gadget shows processor shooting up to 2.80 Ghz and then iTunes freezes, if I wait for iTunes to unfreeze, I get all these errors again. However, if I unplug my iphone. ITunes returns to normal and my phone will not have been affected,it's only if I wait. I have gotten around this by syncing a playlist with all the music I want, if I want to remove something I just remove it from that playlist. Also, this happens when I sync photos. It will sync fine the first time but then when I plug my phone in at a later time to sync I will get all sorts of errors. So I have gotten around these issues but I still feel it isn't acting as it is supposed to.

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