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This document describes how to download IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook 9.0.1 using the Passport Advantage website. I2 Analyst’s Notebook, Analyst’s Notebook, data analysis, data visualization, intelligence analysis, intelligence visualization, intelligence analysis and.

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Known problems The most up-to-date source for known problems in Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri is the online version of these release notes. At the time of publication, the following problems were known: Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri can fail to load correctly Occasionally, during the installation process the environment variable Esri_MSPCCS_DATA is not set correctly. If this environment variable is not set, then the Esri Connector fails to load and a gray screen is shown in the map control. To fix the problem, stop Analyst's Notebook and then log off and back on to your Windows account and then restart Analyst's Notebook. Canon Sure Shot Af-7s Manual here. Clustering can cause mapped chart items to disappear When clustering is turned on, mapped chart items might disappear when you change to a different map. To avoid this problem, turn off clustering when you change maps.

Ibm I2 Analyst Notebook

Some coordinate format configurations are incompatible with Google Earth Sending chart items to the map does not work if the Degree Minutes Seconds (DMS) coordinate format is used for attributes with the Latitude or Longitude semantic type. Use this format only for attributes with the DMS semantic type or in text that contains tagged coordinates. Token timeout values must match each other You must set the token timeout value for client-side tokens in the ServerEndpoints.config file to the same value as the short lived token on your ArcGIS server installation.

Any other setting might cause authentication errors. Tokens must be generated consistently, using host names or IP addresses If you use a server proxy page with a stored token and host name, instead of IP addresses, you must request tokens by using the Request IP option. You must also load the Generate Token page by using the host name in your address bar rather than the IP address.

The Request IP option extracts its host information from your address bar. You can use a mix of IP address and host name in your client/server configuration file. You must have two entries per server in the server proxy page configuration file: one for the IP address and one for the host name.

Troubleshooting information applies to ArcGIS versions below 10.1 The information in the troubleshooting topic of the help is applicable only to ArcGIS versions below 10.1 on Windows operating systems, where the application is deployed in IIS. For version 10.1 onwards on Windows and for all other operating systems, you must find and change the equivalent settings for the web container that is used. Changes to the serverEndPoints.config file can be lost during upgrade When you upgrade to IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook Connector for Esri 8.9.11, you might lose changes to the serverEndPoints.config file. Before you upgrade, make sure that you make a note of any new server connections.

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