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Standard MIDI file format, updated 3 of 23 10:35 AM To any file system, a MIDI File is simply a series of 8-bit bytes. The 'General MIDI System Level 1' specification -- also known as 'GM', 'General MIDI 1' and 'GM 1' -- defines specific features of a MIDI sound generator (synthesizer), primarily so that MIDI files are shareable. The 'General MIDI System Level 1' specification -- also known as 'GM', 'General MIDI 1' and 'GM 1' -- defines specific features of a MIDI sound generator (synthesizer), primarily so that MIDI files are shareable. How can the answer be improved?

Page last modified:September 05, 2017. Newest file ( ) uploaded on February 12, 2017 I do not take credit for the creation, sequencing, or arrangement of these files.

I just enjoy collecting them. A few I may have tweaked a little to sound better on the (at the time) AWE64 or to fix a stuck note or sustain pedal. Credit belongs to the authors as listed in the copyright notes/properties of the files. Also, all of these files are assumed to be in the public domain.

This page was originally designed to work with the Crescendo plug-in in Netscape. Alas, Crescendo is toast and I haven't used Netscape in forever. Now it's designed to work best with Internet Explorer and uses Windows Media Player for the plugin. Oh, it works just fine with Firefox 32-bit versions 2.X - 54.X as well. You may need to install the Microsoft® Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin which I have made available.

The sites where you used to be able to get it no longer exist. (Doh!) Sep 1, 2017: With Firefox 55 and later, the Windows Media Player plugin will no longer work even with the workaround below. Ess Allegro Es1989s Driver For Windows 7 64 Bit.

It does still work with Firefox 52 ESR which you can get. According to the chart on, the ESR version will work until the ESR 59 version comes out in Spring/Summer of 2018. Feb 25, 2017: Beginning with Firefox 52, the Windows Media Player plugin will no longer work. So, I'm not sure what I will do yet. On the DVD pages I may record the MIDI themes as MP3 files and use those. I've done this with the one. Update: As it turns out, according to this, with Firefox 52, you can use the NPAPI plugins by doing the following: • Go to about:config • Right-click and choose New ->Boolean and make a preference name called plugin.load_flash_only and set it to false.

May 15, 2013: For those that just upgraded to Firefox 21.X, you might have noticed the Windows Media Player Plugin is no longer seen. For now, the easiest solution to correct this is to go into about:config and change the value for plugins.load_appdir_plugins from false to true and restart Firefox. For more information about this, read this.

Jan 24, 2013: For those using Windows 7 (like me now), you'll want to read my post on Some of my favorite MIDI files for download: Note: I (used to) have a Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro and these sound(ed) great on it. All of the files here use the General MIDI format and do not require any special Sound Fonts or anything. For those with a X-Fi / Audigy / Live / AWE64 / AWE32 / SB32, check out my page for stuff more specific to it. () - I created this MIDI file out of frustration when I would play one particular MIDI file and certain ones I played after it sounded wrong (wrong instruments, the absence of some instruments, and so on). Also, every now and then I would get hold of a MIDI file that had a stuck note at the end of it and the only way to stop it was to reboot the system or load up my copy of Cakewalk Apprentice (by Twelve Tone Systems, Inc.) and hit the Panic Button in it.

What I wanted was a MIDI file version of Cakewalk Apprentice's Panic button. With some help from their Tech Support and my own investigation, this is what I've come up with.

= Play the file in a popup media player window. You may have to enable popups for it to appear. Bluegrass Arthur 'Guitar Boogie' Smith [2:23] Ervin T. Rouse (composer) [2:35] Johnny Horton [2:35] Traditional [2:16] sequenced by R.G. Allen Classical Beethoven [2:21] Modest Moussorgsky [11:12] [29:43] Country Conway Twitty [3:58] Garth Brooks [3:44] [3:54] The Charlie Daniels Band [3:47] Dance Bee Gees, The [3:39] C&C Music Factory [4:07] Karoake, has lyrics!

[4:07] Chic [4:55] Commodores [4:56] Lips Inc. [5:40] Los del Rios [4:10] The Tramps [4:06] Unlimited [3:27] Electronic Unique II [3:07] Folk Gordon Lightfoot [6:40] Heavy Metal Dokken [4:04] Metallica [9:59] [6:43] [5:01] [5:32] [6:21] [4:43] [7:54] [6:22] [4:04] [6:57] [5:20] [6:09] [6:42] Miscellaneous Andre Dossinger [2:29] Joerock [5:37] See for more info. Mark Headrick [0:02] New Order [7:37] Unknown Mixes [9:09] [7:36] Warlock / Grace S. [4:07] Instrumental Guitar converted from a MOD file New Age & Celtic Bomi [2:49] I remember singing this in vocal music class. Enigma [3:52] [4:12] [4:28] Enya [2:56] [4:25] [4:20] [4:04] Michael Walthius [5:47] Ronin Hardiman (from Lord of the Dance) [2:13] [5:48] [4:38] [2:47] Suzanne Ciani [3:48] [4:25] Pop & Rock Ace of Base [3:26] [3:46] [3:32] [3:12] [3:52] Bangles [3:15] Bee Gees [1:59] Cause it was the 59th Grammys Billy Idol [4:06] [3:29] [3:22] Bob Seger [6:17] Britney Spears [3:24] Chantays, The [3:42] Chris Rea [4:08] Club Nouveau [5:30] Crash Test Dummies [3:44] Danny & the Juniors [2:30] Dire Straits [8:04] [6:04] Donna Summer [4:05] Doors, The [7:34] Eagles [4:35] Has lyrics! Elton John [6:36] [3:22] Eric Clapton [3:57] [5:02] [4:24] [5:36] Europe [5:26] this song Rocks!!! Falco [2:36] Foreigner [4:38] Frankie goes to Hollywood [3:37] Gap Band, The [4:14] Genesis [4:03] but the banana can!

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