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I have a similar question like I have windows 8.1 pro on a Dell Optiplex 740 I have a Fresco Logic USB3.0 VGA Display 'dongle', however I only have USB2-ports, so I must accept I only get 800x600. With the driver which came on CD, it showed up as an A/V Class Device With the driver from, it show up a a USB Video class device. In the 'screen resolution' setup, it properly shows my two monitors, identifiable by the model names. However, I can not get anything usefull on the second monitor, on the Fresco. If I select 'Duplicate the screens', the second monitor only shows a un-movable white mouse pointer in the center of a black screen. I can not move anything to this monitor. If I extend the desktop to both screens, windows allows me to drag something to the right of the main screen, so it thinks the second screen is there.

When I look at the properties for the second screen, it is shown as connected to the same card as my primary card, not to the USB video. My primary card have a secondary channel, but I'm not using it, as it is either a svga-output or I'd need a dvi to vga splitter. I bought one on ebay, but it does not fit. So windows is probably extending the screen to the secondary channel on my main video card, a Radion X1300/X1500 series.

Fresco Logic Driver Update

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