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State Minimum Postgraduate Training Required Number of attempts at Licensing Examination Time Limit for Completing Licensing Examination Sequence (334) 242-4116 Application packet $20 Application fee $175 (non-refundable) Criminal Background check $65 Accepts FCVS 1 year; 3 years IMG – 3 years training at an accredited training program 4th attempt at USMLE Step 3 following proof of formal training after the 3rd attempt; 10 attempts at all USMLE Steps. No limit on COMLEX 7 years to complete all USMLE Steps; 10 years for MD/PhD candidates. No limit on COMLEX (907) 269-8163 Application fee $200 (non-refundable) License fee $300 Accepts FCVS 2 years; 3 years IMG 2 attempts per USMLE Step; 2 attempts per COMLEX Level 7 years to complete all USMLE Steps; 10 years for MD/PhD candidates. 7 years to complete COMLEX (480) 551-2700 Application fee $500 Accepts FCVS 1 year; 3 years IMG No limit on USMLE 7 years to complete USMLE if initial licensure; No limit if already licensed (480) 657-7703 Application fee $400 Accepts FCVS 1 year No limit on COMLEX No limit on COMLEX (501) 296-1802 Application fee $500 Does not accept FCVS 1 year; 3 years IMG unless currently enrolled in training program through University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences 3 attempts per USMLE Step; 3 attempts per COMLEX Step 7 years to complete USMLE; 10 years for MD/PhD candidates.

Licensing, Certification and. (CPS) In California. Building a healthier California is the primary mission of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). California Medical (916) 263-2382 (800. 3 years for full license OR 2 years if resident. The State Medical License Requirements listed here are resourced from. The Medical Board of California is the State agency that licenses medical doctors, investigates complaints. Physician and Surgeon License Verification. The Medical Board of California is the State agency that. The License Verification System. The table can be sorted by licensee name or license number.

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