Championship Manager 01 02 Patch V3.9.68

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Championship Manager 2001/2002 - game update version - v Championship manager 01 02 patch v3.9. Can Tree Roots Break Through Concrete. 68 crack. 68 - Download. Game update (patch) to Championship. CM, CM 01/02, Season, Football Management, Football, Championship Manager, Forums, Manager, Championship, Keeping. SI Games Official Patch v3.9.65. CM, CM 01/02, Season, Football Management, Football, Championship Manager, Forums, Manager, Championship, Keeping, Game, Alive.


Download (based on Sep release) (based on unreleased Oct 13th version) Installation 0. Make sure you have latest official patch, v3.9.68, and no other patches applied. Reinstall the game, if necessary. Before you patch, start the game and disable background changes and preferrably set it to windowed mode.

If you do not plan to test the new interface, this step is not necessary. It will work in fullscreen too, but I recommend trying it out in windowed. Copy all files to your Data folder, overwriting the files there. If you are on Vista / Win7, make sure you have the permissions to do so. Run cmpatcher-3.12.exe inside the Data folder. Set the year to 2010. There are two categories of changes, bugfixes and new features.

Gameplay changes. * Some cup selections now use a mix between reputation and team quality, instead of just reputation (or random). This includes: -- For selecting missing teams in the UEFA cup (when there are too few teams qualified there -- SI games by default used just reputation) -- For selecting lower league teams in English FA cup -- For selecting some teams in Irish league cup -- For selecting some teams for Club world championships -- For selecting some teams Oceania Cup * Teams participating in World Club Cup no longer skip FA cup. * Increased chances to find some interested coaches with low-reputation teams * Default training regimes changed: before loaned players would end up No Training (or Tactics), now they end up in General (or Goalkeeping) * Further tuning of regens positioning, anticipation, and decision values (slightly lowered) draw adjusted to use team quality for picking lower league teams * Limits removed on number of clubs or players.

* Removed some 'You can take out the CD' dialogs. * Removed check for duplicate instances of game * Slight speed optimizations. * New user interface, optional. Patched pictool in Data folder. * Patcher can patch the pre-game editor to be in sync with the current year. * European Champions League: one group game moved to avoid collision with FIFA club worlds'.

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