Casio 3198 Ae-1000w Manual

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Find great deals on eBay for casio 3198 ae-1000w. Shop with confidence. Manuals; Timepieces (Watches) Timepieces (Watches) Search Results. 3198 (Size: 437 KB) Terms and Conditions. Portable Document Format.

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Casio 3198 Ae-1000w Manual

Download Phonostar Player Plus 3.0 Rapidshare Software. 3. Classic Monopoly For Pc on this page. Select [Save as] from the appeared menu to download the file to your computer. 4.Open the downloaded file to view its contents.

• Operation Guide 3198/3299 About This Manual Contents • The operational procedures for Modules 3198 and 3299 are identical. All of the General Guide...E-4 illustrations in this manual show Module 3198. • Button operations are indicated using the letters shown in the illustration. • Operation Guide 3198/3299 5.

Press A to exit the setting screen. Screen To do this: Do this: • The day of the week is displayed automatically in accordance with the date (year, Press D. Reset the seconds to month, and day) settings. • Operation Guide 3198/3299 3.

Press C to move the flashing in the sequence shown below to select other settings. To set an alarm time 1. In the Alarm Mode, use D to scroll through the alarm screens until the alarm number you want to set is.

• Operation Guide 3198/3299 • Map: In the Timekeeping and World Time modes, the map shows the zone where Reference the currently displayed digital time is from. In the Alarm, Timer, and Stopwatch This section contains more detailed and technical information about watch operation. • Operation Guide 3198/3299 City Code Table • Based on data as of December 2010. City UTC offset/ City UTC offset/ City UTC offset/ City City City Code GMT Differential Code GMT Differential Code GMT Differential • The rules governing global times Pago Pago –11. I've be using Casio watch for years. They work great if you can understand this company's rediculus instructio​nal logic.

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