Borderlands 2 Profile Editor Pc

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Borderlands 2 Profile Editor Ps3 Download

Borderlands Profile Editor; Borderlands Profile Editor. A working copy of Borderlands 2 or The Pre-Sequel (both work). A simple editor for the Borderlands 2 game which allows you to edit your Profile.

So xbox just updated between and. They changed the coding of game saves. It now says ReenCode error.

Borderlands 2 Profile Editor Pc

In other words they changed the game ID coding for the BL2 saves. Looks like you need to make a new editor to accommodate this update. Stellarium 1.5 For Android. My saves are fine on my Xbox but cannot edit anymore. [img](screenshot of the error stated). My saves were editing fine before. Most recent save before update was. I’m sure the update is what broke it since it’s happened before.

I’m sure Rick will patch it just as soon as he is able. I am literally going to take my change to the machine at Publix and donate that to him via Patreon. Rocscience Swedge. Like so many others, his game editors has really made both Borderlands and Mass Effect a real joy to play. I always play through without Gibbed the first time, but then use it to make life a little simpler playing as other characters.

Thanks so much, Rick. Patronage is coming Real Soon Now.

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