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Top Doctor Awards specializes in recognizing and commemorating the achievements of today’s most influential and respected doctors in medicine. He will receive his award. Utility Menu. “John was awarded his Doctor of Philosophy degree in November 2008 from the University of Nottingham for.

Cs 1.6 Non Steam V26 Patch Indir. One of 2012's America's 'Top Dentists' hasn't practiced a single day of dentistry since his training days were over in 1986. Mark Silverberg did graduate from dental school, but instead of becoming a dentist he followed his life's calling to medical school.

And despite working as a board-certified anesthesiologist, not a dentist, in Chicago for more than twenty years, the Consumers' Research Council of America-- an organization that provides the public with 'information guides for professional services'-- chose Silverberg to receive top honors in its Guide to America's Top Dentists. As part of an ABC News investigation into how 'Top Doctor' awards are handed out, Dr.

Mark Silverberg sent away $183 and received a 'museum grade' wall plaque to showcase his undeserved award. According to the Consumers' Research Council of America, the plaque was a way to commemorate Dr. Silverberg as 'among the nation's most excellent' dentists.

Silverberg said, 'It's a sham. I've practiced zero days of dentistry in my life- and I still received this award for being one of America's Top Dentists.' About Consumers' Research Council of America Consumers' Research Council of America offers 'Top Doctor' awards across nearly two-dozen specialties including Top Cardiologists, Plastic Surgeons, Obstetricians, Surgeons and Pediatricians. The organization says doctors are selected based on a point system that considers experience, training, membership in professional associations, and board certification.

Any doctor who earns enough points qualifies to be included on the list. The company first sends doctors a flattering letter congratulating them on their 'impressive achievements,' and invites them to be included as one of America's Top Physicians. Doctors are then encouraged by a second company, 'State License Documentation'- or SLD- to buy plaques and trophies that cost anywhere from $99 to $530. The companies claim 'no fees, donations, sponsorships, or advertising are accepted,' but the small print reveals otherwise.

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