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Murder On The Orient Express [Agatha Christie]. Murder on the Orient Express, the Murder of Roger Ackroyd. I can only download 9 minutes of this book!

Introduction A private detective is unexpectedly summoned, to return to his home country from a foreign land. With the help of an old friend the detective then boards a train to London. Aboard this train he is confronted with a passenger who believes someone intends to murder him. As luck would have it the passenger is murdered in what would appear to be a perfect crime. Following the classical scheme of the murder-mystery genre, the detective attempts to solve the case. What sets the “Murder on the Orient Express” apart from the other books within its genre, is this tale’s twist of the murderer becoming the victim. Plot The mystery begins as Hercule Poirot, a private detective but former police officer boards a train to Stamboul.

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Upon his arrival to Stamboul, he checks into a hotel and prepares to make himself comfortable. However, before he can do this, Hercule receives a telegram commanding him to return to London. Download Eva Wild Series Rapidshare. While waiting for the next train, Hercule encounters one of his old friends M.Bouc.

M.Bouc arranges for the detective to have a seat, on the Orient Express when it arrives. As they wait for the train, Hercule informs M.Bouc about a pair of men he saw in the hotel’s dining room; Ratchett and Hector McQueen. Hercule informs M.Bouc that Ratchett is actually a vile character based on his observations. The Orient Express eventually arrives and the two board. Once aboard Hercule is forced to take a spot in second class due to the train being unexpectedly full. While M.Bouc luckily received the final spot in first class. Ratchett and Hector are also passengers on the train.

Hector becomes aware of this when, Ratchett informs Hercule, that he has received some worrisome messages recently. As a result, he has come to believe that someone is trying to murder him. Ratchett asks the detective to look into the matter, which he refuses. M.Bouc makes arrangements to move to another coach so that Hercule can take his spot in first class. Early the following morning the detective’s sleep is broken, by a loud cry from Ratchett’s nearby compartment. The train quickly returns to silence after Ratchett’s compartment was investigated.

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