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So you’ve heard about Wealthy Affiliate and you want to know if it’s just another internet scam out to separate you from your hard-earned money? With so many scams on the internet these days, I can’t blame you. In this article I will tell you about some of my favorite features that I have found within Wealthy Affiliate. What’s Included With Wealthy Affiliate? Besides the first-class, step-by-step training you will go through to get you started, Wealthy Affiliate includes numerous tools that will be invaluable for you. SiteRubix for building your website easily SiteRubix makes building and managing Websites easy and efficient. You can literally have a Website online within five minutes, and it’s all there ready for you to add your content.

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Within SiteRubix there are several features which I have found extremely useful in my businesses Of course there’s the SiteBuilder. This is where you create your Website. There are a few options that this gives you You can host a Website on the domain itself, on a domain that you already own, or you can register a brand new domain that you own from within SiteBuilder itself. This is the same service I used to register and build the Website that you are reading right now. Getting up and running took me just a few minutes because I used this feature of Wealthy Affiliate.

Instead of going to a different service to register my domain name, and ANOTHER service to host my domain, I was able to do all of it within Wealthy Affiliate using SiteRubix’s “SiteBuilder” feature. Jaaxy for finding the best keywords Jaaxy is a keyword tool that is provided to all Wealthy Affiliate members. Although there are four tiers to the service (Starter, Lite, Pro, and Enterprise), when you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate you are automatically upgraded to the Lite level. This is the level that I am currently subscribed to, and it has been more than enough for my keyword and domain research. As a Lite member you are able to perform unlimited keyword searches (Starter members are limited to 30), and save the best keywords to a list to reference whenever you’d like. The Jaaxy QSR research function sorts your keywords so that you know which ones are likely to drive the most traffic with the least competition to your Website.

I have used numerous keyword tools in the past, but Jaaxy is the only one that I’ve used that incorporates all of the features I need in a keyword tool. It saves me hours of legwork when I am in research mode. SiteContent for streamlining content creation After you have your Website online, you have to create your content. The scariest thing to me about working online is communicating through writing. I don’t know why, but it’s a challenge for me sometimes. I get the kind of feeling I would get if I had to get on stage in front of thousands of people and deliver a speech! Cardscan 600cx Driver Software more.

My mind races and I think, Have I said enough? Have I said too much? Ludacris Get Back Instrumental more. Does this make sense to anyone besides me? Wealthy Affiliate taught me that I don’t have to be a NYT bestselling author to work online. SiteContent helps me by automatically showing me how many words I’ve written, if I have made any spelling or grammar mistakes What’s really cool is SiteContent will actually search the Internet to see if what I have written is too similar to something else that is already out there. So the Search Engines won’t penalize any of my content for being duplicate content because it’s not! It makes it very easy to provide unique, useful content that my visitors will enjoy Feedback to help you improve your business There’s a Chinese saying that goes, You cannot clap with just one hand.

What that means, basically, is it’s difficult to achieve success on your own. SiteFeedback is a tool within SiteRubix that is invaluable in this regard. Not only are you able to offer your own feedback to others, but they are also more than happy to offer feedback on the Websites that you build!

All Of The Success Stories to keep you motivated As a part of my day I have come to look forward to signing on to Wealthy Affiliate and reading all of the new success stories that people, exactly like you and me, share. There truly are countless stories of people achieving their first, second, third and so on, sales many of whom have been online for very short periods of time. New success stories are posted every single day. I can’t put a price tag on having access to that kind of inspiration whenever I need it. It motivates me to keep going and to keep helping people every day. “But, Josh, I’ve seen some negative reviews” You may have seen some websites claim that Wealthy Affiliate does not back up their claims with proof of success.

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