Access My Book World Edition Without Mionet

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My Book World Edition 500gb

Note that since, the web File Manager is no longer maintened and is replaced by that offer same features and more If you do not like MIONET but you needs to access your mybook files from anywhere, you may want to use my Web File Manager. The file manager allows upload, copy, paste, rename and delete of folders and files. It can also wget some files from a typed url. One of the great feature is that it can execute some tasks on the Mybook depending on file extensions: unrar, verify par file, etc Security is ensured via the authentification and encryption of the Admin Site of the tutorial(https + Authentification on port 3210). The interface looks like this: There are some limitations: - Upload cannot be more than 8mb ( due to some bugs of lighttpd) - Some special, non-graphical characters may prevent some actions to run correctly ( i do not have an exhaustive list) Installation Procedure: - Configure the Web Server tutorial, including the Admin Site ( on port 3210).

PHP is not necessary.. - Ensure that you are using the v1.1.6 version of script ( You may not have this version if you installed WebServer before 17 Oct. Wget -O /shares/internal/PUBLIC/WWW/Admin/cross.gif wget -O /shares/internal/PUBLIC/WWW/Admin/copy.gif wget -O /shares/internal/PUBLIC/WWW/Admin/cut.gif wget -O /shares/internal/PUBLIC/WWW/Admin/rename.gif wget -O /shares/internal/PUBLIC/WWW/Admin/execute.jpg - Open your 3210 port over internet on your internet Router/Firewall, to allow access from your job's office - Create a link in your Admin folder using the exact following syntax.

What are my options for accessing the drive remotely WITHOUT using MioNet and WITHOUT hacking? My main goal is to securely (via a login prompt) access the drive. Hacking WD MyBook World Ed. Create account or Sign in. Forum » Forum / My Book World Edition (blue rings) » Removing MioNet after using MioNet. I want to be able to access the My Book World Edition I just bought from any remote location. I have been experimenting with opening ports to it on my router, etc.

Ln -s /shares /shares/internal/PUBLIC/WWW/Admin/Mybook_HD Access the Admin interface: Note that v1.1.3 version is displayed in the interface. The 'File Manager' item is now displayed at the end of the menu ( script has detected that you have created the link). Wellesley Paws Program.

'Click File Manager' Browse your files Note that the correct way to remove MIONET is described here:. NEW!: with version 1.1.3 of, the File Manager has a new feature Remotely execute actions, depending on file extensions: Unrar a rar file Repair a Par file Send an avi file to your multimedia box via FTP Any other action you want to associate to a specific file extension.

Adding the Unrar Feature to FileManager: After you install this unrar feature, a green arrow will apear in front of each.rar file. Magix Music Maker Sound Pool Pop & Rock Vol. 2. When you click the Green Arrow, the rar file will be unrared by the Mybook. You will be able to check the log file. Install Unrar using ipkg.

TitleOfAction: Any title that will appear in the file manager when moving over the green arrow Extension: Extension of files that will see this action: for example, '. Alpenvereinskarten Digital. rar' CommandLine: the command line you want to execute. Note that%FullPath% will be replaced by the full path of the selected file in the file manager%FileName% will be replaced by the file name ( without the path) If you need to launch several commandline, you can separate these by a; ( See the.rar example) a sample FileMgrActions File is available I hope that these explanations and the 3 provided examples will allow you to define your own custom actions, please, send me your usefull custom action, i will add it to the wiki.

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