A-data Vitesta Extreme Edition Pc2-8500 2x2gb

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Filed under: Published: Author: External Mfg. Website: Nov 23 2007 >>>Are you ready for some really great news!? Here it is - DDR2 memory prices are falling like a rock. While most consumers have no need for right now, it's introduction has relegated DDR2 to an 'old technology' status. The best part is for the majority of computer users, DDR2 still offers superior performance to the new memory standard. Take That Beautiful World Deluxe Edition Torrent more. Strange I know, but that's the way it always goes. New memory standards are designed for future platforms, so for those of us sticking with an Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad processor or who have plans to pick up a DDR2 memory is still the best route to take.

In six months that could all change, but what doesn't in the computer industry? While DDR2 memory prices have been dropping, the quality of the memory being released has improved dramatically. These days you can get a quality 2GB low latency DDR2-800 memory kit for well under $100 CDN, talk about a value! Whether you're building a new PC or want to upgrade your current computer, now is an excellent time to grab more DDR2 memory. There are a lot of memory options on the market.if you're a novice that's lost, here's a helping hand. You will want DDR2 memory running at 800 MHz or higher, that can run tighter timings (say 4-4-4-12) instead of the industry standard 5-5-5-15. Most 2GB dual channel memory kits (2x 1GB) are super affordable, so all you really need to do is ensure your PC still has two free DDR2 memory slots.

Dell sometimes cheap's out and packs all four memory slots with 512MB or 256MB modules instead of two 1GB, or 512MB memory modules. Is not a memory brand we're really familiar with here in North America, its main audience has been Asia. The company is now making an effort to catch our attention, so let's test first, then form our opinions. Looking at the specs the A-DATA Vitesta Extreme Edition DDR2-800 memory has all the makings of a high end DDR2 kit; 2GBs of PC2-6400 dual channel goodness, Enhanced Performance Profile support (EPP), 4-4-4-12 memory timings and a pretty swanky bright red memory heatsink. The best part of the 2GB A-DATA Vitesta Extreme Edition DDR2-800 memory kit is its price point, just; talk about a steal. A-DATA Vitesta Extreme Edition DDR2 Memory RAM Memory Type: DDR2-800 / PC2-6400 Individual Module Capacity: 1024MB Native Speed & Latency: 800 MHz @ CAS 4-4-4-12 Enhanced Performance Profiles (EPP): Yes To get the A-DATA Vitesta Extreme Edition DDR2-800 memory to run with 4-4-4-12 timings, it's recommended that you increase the voltage to 2.0-2.1V (1. File Validation Utility 3.2 Nsdl. 8V is DDR2 stock voltage).

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