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SketchUp makes it easy to tell which styles are “fast styles. Ccm Bicycle Speedometer Manual. ” The little clock icon that appears on certain styles means they’re fast: simple edges, no background, no watermarks, etc. Mike Jones Rapidshare. Easy Cook Turbo Multi Oven Manual. When you get really good, you can save templates that have your favorite styles all ready to go, for easy style-switching. All our current SketchUp Styles from SketchUpArtists See more ideas about Presentation, Arquitetura and Art drawings. The style settings in SketchUp can greatly change the appearance of your models. Learn the basics of changing styles, including edges and shadows.

One of ’s best features is styles, giving you the ability to produce excellent graphic images and non-photorealistic (NPR) renderings. I almost always use SketchUp’s native graphic styles for client presentations, though I do have to produce “fancy” renderings from time to time (these days I’m into ).

For a basic presentation, just turn on shadows (menu: View / Shadows) for some depth, and export the view ( File / Export / 2D Graphic). That’s what I did to get this image: And this one, too, all done in SketchUp alone, no post-production: The SketchUp style of graphic output is becoming as ubiquitous as the now-familiar, traditional 2D CAD line drawings we’ve all seen for the past 40 years, pioneered by AutoCAD. Just as we got used to those, so too we’re becoming accustomed to the SketchUp style of real-time, 3D NPR views. Sure, you can argue that SketchUp’s graphics are flat, or boring, or overused.

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