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Unfortunately - there are a number of reasons why you would get this very frustrating error. Also, once this error message hits - your suspension is locked at the existing level. The only way to get past this is to have the dealer reset and troubleshoot your system or use one of the aftermarket tools to reset it. I use the EAS Activate and it works well to reset the system and pull the code to help you diagnose the problem. I went this route as I am 2 hours from the closest dealer. I believe that my problem relates to moisture in the system - which can freeze and restrict the air flow - causing the fault.

This is EAS Kicker Lite Air Suspension Reset Tool for Range Rover P38.

I did have it at the dealer - but they could not nail down the exact problem - so this solution was perfect for me. PS - pulling the battery cable wont reset this code and based on my research and experience searching this board - your battery is not causing this particular problem. Also a DRBII scan tool will not reset this error message. Articuentos Completos Juan Jose Millas Pdf.

I just took in my 04 RR-HSE to my Tech last night and he stated that it's the Temperature Sensor located inside the (Air Compressor) which is overheating, which is causing the Air Suspension Inactive. I'm trying to find out whether or not LR sales the Temperature Sensor for the Air Compressor by itself, and if its possible to actually dissasemble the Air Compressor? Other than that, that's what the Scan Tool indicated. The Air Compressor by itself, can cost a few hundred to somewhere around one-thousand or so dollars, depending on who you buy it from. Good luck man.

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