Ps2 Robot Mech Games

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Denisa Clipele Frumoase. I currently have a urge to play some giant hulking mech games. Somthing more of a walking tank simulator rather then an arcade interpretation. With MechWarrior 4: Mercs pretty much being the last of the kind for the PC, their hasn't really been any offerings the past half a decade. My somewhat last hope was Front Mission Online, but hell we'll never see that in the states. Is the future of mech games on the PC doomed? D: So i'm wondering if there are any mech type games in the works for the PC (maybe even consoles) or ones i've yet heard about that y'all might know of?

Ps2 Robot Mech Games

I'm about to break down and buy an old xbox, and grab Steel Battalion:LoC (no campaign mode ftl) Why God, why!? I've never been one for major PC gaming.

I currently run a shitbox from hell. Steel battalion runs reasonably cheap nowadays since they aren't BC. Thats the only luck Ive had with a Mech game on a console. I really wasn't into Mechassault or Chromehounds (later on).

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Me and my brother have been holding ourselves back from buying a used Xbox, a copy of steel battalion/LoC, and Laning the fuck out of it for 1 v 1 GIANT ROBOT ACTION. Also, the LoC servers were shutdown I believe. So that game would be totally useless for anything other then Lan play. Att Installera Diskmaskin on this page. You can still play on Freeplay on LoC, it was just the Campaign with persistent stats and such that got shut down.

But really, its just not the same when the Mech your using in a battle isn't actually on the line and everybodys using 3rd Gens. That is, when people are actually online.

I've recently got a mech kick in me, and was itching to play some good mech games. Are there any good ones on PS2? Page 1 of 2Top 50 underappreciated PlayStation 2 games. Most video game adaptations of the robots in disguise were awful, save for one. List of vehicular combat games. PlayStation 2, Xbox. This subgenre of vehicular combat involves mech robots, or mecha.

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