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Download Age of Empires 3 for PC. This download includes Age of Empires 3 as well as both the expansion packs. Visit us now to download Age of Empires 3 full version. More Of Age Of Empires 3 Full Game videos.

Age Of Empires 3 Full Game Download

I have figured it out, and decided I shall try to explain it in clear English, instead of repeating “Follow downloading method” which explains nothing 1. Rjd2 Deadringer Torrent Pirate. Once you have downloaded and installed the game to your computer, go back to the original download folder.

Find the folder called “PROPHET” – open it. Copy all four files inside this folder – (“age3”, “age3x”, “age3y”, “prophet”) 4.

Open location of installed game (usually “C:/Program Files/Microsoft Studios/Age of Empires III – Complete Collection/bin”). Paste the four files you copied into that location – this will ask you if you want to overwrite three files that already exist in that location, which you do, so press yes to all. Now try playing the game by opening your newly copied “age3” file.

It should work without asking for the encryption key. Hope this helps.

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