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Twenty-one-year-old Anastasia 'Ana' Steele is an English writing major at Washington State University satellite grounds close Vancouver, Washington. Her flat mate, Kate Kavanagh, turns out to be sick and can't talk with Christian Gray, a 27-year-old extremely rich person business visionary, for the school daily paper. Ana consents to go in her place and meets Christian at his Seattle central station, actually staggering her way through the meeting. Christian, who is that year's WSU initiation speaker, appreciates her; soon thereafter, he visits the handyman shop where Ana works. He consents to Ana's ask for a photograph shoot to go with the article. After the photograph shoot, Christian welcomes Ana for espresso, yet he leaves suddenly, saying he is not the man for her. Christian later sends Ana first version duplicates of two Thomas Hardy books, including Tess of the d'Urbervilles, as a blessing.

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Ana and her companions go to a bar to commend graduation, and Ana suddenly calls Christian, saying she is giving back the books and criticizing his conduct towards her. He goes to the bar to discover Ana, despite the fact that she doesn't disclose to him where she is. While they are talking at the bar, Ana goes out. She gets up the following morning in Christian's inn room and is alleviated when he says they were not cozy. Ana and Christian start seeing each other, however he demands that she consent to a non-exposure arrangement keeping her from uncovering insights about their partnership.

Christian clarifies that he just has interrelations including servitude that is plainly characterized in a marked contract. Ana uncovers that she is a virgin. While considering the understanding and arranging her own particular terms, and in the wake of going by his 'den', a room supplied with an assortment of BDSM toys, furniture, and apparatus, she and Christian engage in sexual relations. Christian gives Ana with endowments and favors, for example, another auto and portable workstation phone. After Ana and Kate move to Seattle, Ana develops nearer to Christian. One night, she goes with him to his folks' home.

Amid supper, Ana all of a sudden specifies she is leaving the following day to visit her mom in Georgia. Afterward, Christian gets to be distinctly baffled when Ana communicates she needs sentiment as opposed to the uneven relationship he proposes. She is stunned when Christian out of the blue lands in Georgia and meets her in the lodging where she is eating with her mom. He takes Ana on a lightweight flyer flight, and she feels excited.

He leaves soon a while later, to tend to a crisis in Seattle. In the wake of returning home, Ana keeps seeing Christian, who needs promote sexual experimentation. Ana at first assents and takes an interest enthusiastically. Christian, nonetheless, keeps Ana candidly removed, annoying her.

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