Erotic Story In Bengali

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Erotic Story In Bengali

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This is a fantasy story surrounding real events - I did have a Bangladeshi maid and I did have sex with her. Introduction This story dates back to when I was 25 and I was renting a flat in one of Mumbai's many suburbs. I have always used domestic help since I lived alone and I was never good at cooking & cleaning. Over the years some of the maids were young, some were old, some interesting and some not worth looking.

I never did or even tried to act fresh with any of them and that's why I always had a very good impression with my maids. Handbrake-0 9 4-win Gui Exe. In fact throughout my building I was known as a very genial and helpful person. I have always maintained good relationships with everyone -- from my watchman to my neighbors. When it came to maids, I always preferred locals because I had had some bad experiences with illegal Bangladeshi women.

So it was very surprising when one day my maid (who was Indian) asked me a very strange favor. She wanted to give up her job at my place and wanted me to shelter an illegal Bangladeshi woman who would also act as my new maid.

The reasons being that she was thrown out of her shanty by the cops and because she was illegal there was no respite in terms of harassment. To top it all, her husband ran away leaving her with a 5 month old infant. She was in a desperate situation.

She knew my maid because they worked in the same building and asked her for help. My maid is a kind hearted middle aged lady who took pity on her and decided to help her out. According to her I was the only 'kind-hearted' guy living in a large house without any family or other commitments. Networking Interview Questions By Shivprasad Koirala. And so she asked me whether Memoona (the Bangladeshi woman) could live in my house and work full time.

I was dead set against it simply because of the kid. But I was pestered persistently and I finally gave in. I asked her to bring her in. Memoona The first time I saw Memoona she was in pitiful state.

She was carrying a small battered suitcase in one hand and a small infant in the other. Her clothes were old and worn out. She felt completely out of place and kept uttering ' Shukriya' (Thank you) repeatedly. I showed her the house and since I had a spare bedroom I asked to take it up as her temporary residence. She was very grateful and happy and even I felt good about myself. I was still concerned about the child and wondered what kind of a nuisance that would turn out to be. We decided that I would still pay her for her maid services in addition to sheltering her.

However there wasn't enough work in my house to justify a full time maid. Panasonic Phone Manual Kx-tsc14w. So we decided that she could keep some of her old clients and that would help her get some extra money. I told her not to worry about food since feeding 2 extra mouths wasn't a big deal for me. On this she told me that it would be only one mouth since her baby was breastfeeding. I remember this was the first time I explicitly thought of her in a sexual way and my cock gave the slightest of a twitch in my pants. I was wondering what it would be to have a breastfeeding woman live in my house.

But those thoughts were quickly dispelled by my worries of having a new person in my house and how it would affect my daily routine. First Week The first week was chaotic at the best. Even though the baby didn't cry all that often, it bawled once in a while and that drove me nuts. Memoona immediately sensed my irritation and she would do her best to pacify her. She would lock the door of her room to reduce the noise and at the same time give herself some privacy for breastfeeding. We quickly slipped into a routine.

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