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Volatile Games, a division of Blitz Games and one of the U.Ks leading independent game developers, announced the use of endorphin 2.5 in its next-gen zombie action-thriller POSSESSION. Endorphin 2.5, developed by Oxford-based NaturalMotion, is the newest version of the companys award-winning 3D character animation software. The software uses Artificial Intelligence to create 3D character animation in realtime. In addition, version 2.5 allows powerful new transitioning, blending and behavior features, combined with enhancements to asset repurposing tools and improved FBX support, allow animators to create realistic, fully interactive 3D character animation faster and easier than traditional keyframe or motion capture techniques. Chris Swan, project manager of POSSESSION for Volatile Games, remarked: Our next-gen title relies heavily on our zombies and civilians attacking each other in very detailed and original ways. Theres only so far that you can go with real-life actors, of course, which is where endorphin steps in. In minutes we can literally load in some motion capture footage, set up a few behaviors on the characters and let endorphin work out the rest.

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Careers NaturalMotion is creating the next-generation of mobile games and animation technology that will redefine the industry. Endorphin Productions Creative production and post solutions.

The resultant animation is incredibly convincing (we havent had to touch up a single animation so far), while the save in hand-animation time is huge. Possession is being developed for the forthcoming next-gen consoles, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game allows the player to take the role of The Enslaver, a former good guy transformed into an evil, twisted killing machine, who leads a horde of hundreds of zombies on a mission to lay waste to an enormous, thriving city. In addition to controlling vast hordes of humans and zombies in single-player games, POSSESSION will also feature an online, multiplayer mode where one player faces up to seven others in a bloody contest of wits, tactics and survival against The Enslaver and his massive zombie army. Endorphin plays a vital part in the creating of lifelike battles between zombies and humans, especially as next-gen consoles will allow Volatile Games to create ever more complex sequences. Chris Swan, Volatile Games, added, Additionally, endorphin is very enjoyable to use, thanks to its intuitive layout, robustness and very close level of support. The speed with which it operates is also highly impressive.


Using multiple next-gen character rigs we still find that endorphin only takes seconds to calculate the results of our complex attack scenes. This makes it very easy for us to quickly export multiple resultant animations from a single attack, and then choose, which one is our favorite. Blitz Games () is based in Leamington Spa and was founded in 1990 by twin brothers Andrew and Philip Oliver and the company has three new titles planned for release in the next year, including PAC-MAN WORLD 3 and BRATZ: ROCK ANGELZ. The company continues its huge long-term investment into BlitzWare, its in-house technology, which provides one of the best game development environments of any independent developer. NaturalMotion Ltd. () is the first company to create 3D character animation software (endorphin) based on Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS), a technology that utilizes Adaptive Behaviors and artificial intelligence to simulate the human-nervous system. Based on Oxford University research on the control of body movements, endorphin synthesizes 3D characters in real time. Volume Activation Management Tool 3 on this page.

A breakthrough in 3D character animation, this process allows animation to be created much faster than conventional methods; thus significantly reducing asset production time and costs. With customers such as Sony Europe, Sony America, Moving Picture Co. The Place Promised In Our Early Days Torrent Tpb. , The Mill, Namco, Konami, Rainbow Studios and Tigar Hare Studios, endorphin is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for todays leading visual effects artists creating high-end animation.

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