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Presentation of Dialogys A brief overview of the Dialogys application (current document). General information An overview of the functions of the buttons, toolbars and other standard components of Dialogys. Identity form This section concerns the identities screen, vehicle/customer files and documentation relating to the technical specifications of the vehicle. Vehicle Spare Parts Explains how the vehicle spare parts catalogues can be consulted. Engine peripheral parts Explains how the engine peripherals parts catalogues (400, 401) can be consulted. Sundry Items Explains how the sundry items parts catalogue (830) can be consulted. Parts list In this section you will find all the information concerning the parts list and its associated functionalities.

Operation time Details of the operation time catalogues Repair manual Details of the repair manuals Technical Notes Details of the Technical Notes Actis Solutions Overview of Act is Solutions and acce ss with Dialogys Estimate In this section you will find all the information concerning the estimate and its associated functionalities. Service coupon In this section you will find all the information concerning the service coupon and its associated functionalities. Order form In this section you will find all the information concerning the order form and its associated functionalities. Important: this section only concerns 'stand-alone' and 'networked stand- alone' versions.

Current Part Numbers This section describes the function of the. Admin screen In this document you will find full explanations concerning the configuration of your Dialogys terminal (operating parameters, estimate calculation parameters, etc.). Contact form (Pb) This document describes the operation of our problem sheet. It allows you to feed back errors which could creep into our documentation and comments or suggestions you might make. Motrio The Motrio catalogue contains all the parts for Renault vehicles which are no longer made and parts for competitor vehicles.

Dialogys Renault Torrent

These catalogues contain all the parts necessary for repairing RENAULT vehicles. The DIALOGYS application automatically works out their part numbers using the technical specifications of the vehicle you provide. For each part number obtained, if it appears in the Prices file, the application extracts its description, price, MSDT (Manufacturer, Source, Duty and Tax), bar code and its replacement sequence.

Environmental Ethics Pdf. Renault dialogys - an electronic version of documentation for RENAULT and after sales car RENAULT, DACIA (only LOGAN and SANDERO). Dialogys includes everything from repair manuals and parts catalogs for all models of cars Renault, as well as tehnoty and MR-s for all cars in the Russian, except for vehicles up to 1996. Archived Post from old forum good work lad! Pointed the shortcut to dialogys.bat instead and the program started working!

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